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Rhythm Of War Has Completely Finished Its Copyediting Process: Now We Await The U.S. Cover

Rhythm of War is completely done, and now we await the cover. Yeah, I know. Many of you have likely been indulging in the two chapters of author Brandon Sanderson has been releasing a week.

Brandon Sanderson’s The Way Of Kings Prime Could Get FREE Audiobook!

The Way Of Kings Prime could be getting an audiobook. There’s a reason Brandon Sanderson fans love the author so much. They are never wanting for content. The dude is a writing machine, churning out

The Stormlight Archive: What Earth Ethnicities Most Closely Match The Alethis?

In The Stormlight Archive, what do the Alethis look like? For the longest time, high fantasy novels released in the Western world have been largely based on medieval Europe. Of course, we have the granddaddy

Read Stormlight Archive 4: Rhythm Of War By Brandon Sanderson — The First Four Chapters!

Check out the first four chapters of Stormlight Archive 4: Rhythm of War. If you can believe it, we’re just a few short months away from the November 17 release of the fourth Stormlight Archive novel,

Brandon Sanderson Reads From Stormlight Archive 4: Rhythm Of War!

Ready for The Stormlight Archive and its fourth entry Rhythm of War? Rhythm of War, the fourth volume in The Stormlight Archive, is officially done. Well, mostly. It’s currently going through a copy edit, but for all

Brandon Sanderson 20% Through Dawnshard Novella, Story Could Feature Lopen As POV Character?

Dawnshard is well on its way to becoming a reality. Brandon Sanderson has only just finished the final draft of Rhythm of War, but he’s already neck-deep in his next project. The project in question

Creating Brandon Sanderson’s The Way Of Kings Leatherbound Edition [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

The Way Of Kings leatherbound edition is coming, and here's what the team had to say about its creation. Earlier this month, the long-awaited The Way of Kings Kickstarter hit the web. The goal for author

Stormlight Archive: Should You Read The Dawnshard Novella Before Rhythm Of War?

Will you have to read Dawnshard before Rhythm of War? The reading order of series can be some really tricky stuff. Ideally, authors write their works in chronological order. However, the imagination isn’t always so gracious. Oftentimes,

Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive 5 Will Roughly Mark The Halfway Point Of The Cosmere

Stormlight Archive 5 will mark the halfway point of the Cosmere.  This may slightly depress some readers, but we are nearing the halfway point. Many readers may have only just recently gotten introduced to Brandon

Brandon Sanderson New Stormlight Archive Novella Has A Title

Brandon Sanderson names the new Stormlight Archive novella...Dawnshard. Dawnshard follows the story of Rysn, the Thaylen merchant whom we've seen before in the interludes of the first three books of the Stormlight Archive series. Just