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Chris Rock Turns Down The 2023 Oscars

Who can forget that crazy Oscar moment when Will Smith walked on the stage and slapped Chris Rock?  It ruined a night that should have been remembered for Smith winning the award for Best Actor

Will Smith Explores Our Planet In the Welcome To Earth Trailer For Nat Geo!

The charismatic Will Smith gets out of his comfort zone to explore mother nature to its fullest. National Geographic brings Welcome To Earth with Smith on this unbelievable journey.  The Synopsis  It might seem humans

Will Smith Shines As Venus And Serena Williams Father In Trailer For King Richard

For some, playing sports growing up is a past-time or after-school activity to pass the time. For others, it’s a way to get themselves and their family out of a difficult situation. A lot of

The Suicide Squad Producer On Why No Will Smith

We are only a month away from The Suicide Squad and there is a lot of hype for this movie.  It is still a mystery of who is going to survive with director James Gunn doing an

Will Smith Admits He Should Have Taken The Role In The Matrix

One of the all-time great blunders in passing on a role is of course actor Will Smith's decision to pass on the role of Neo in The Matrix. Smith has recently made clear that one

Sony Pictures Releases New Poster For ‘Bad Boys For Life’

The Bad Boys franchise starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as Miami-Dade detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett goes back over twenty four years ago, when the first film, Bad Boys directed by Michael Bay

Disney’s Aladdin Blu-Ray and Digital Announcement Details

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bfeGngRDNc It’s a whole new world. One of the more successful animation to live-action films from Disney, Aladdin will be arriving on digital on August 27 and for Blu-ray/DVD on September 10. The film is

Will Smith Shares Tribute To The Original Voice Of The Genie Robin Williams

Earlier today we were treated to a brand new trailer and poster for Disney's Aladdin. This trailer helped to calm a lot of people's fears about the direction the film was going to take as

Will Smith is OUT as Deadshot in The Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad was one hundred percent my least liked movie of the DCEU so far, and in all honesty I could count maybe 2-3 films in that franchise I actually liked. Without a doubt though,

Disney Reveals Will Smith’s Blue Genie During The Grammys

https://youtu.be/7hHECMVOq7g 2019 is filled with all kinds of Disney movies some looking to wrap up long time stories and others looking to bring us nostalgia by re-making classics. One of those classics being brought to