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Video Games Causing Madness And The Return Of The Animated X-Men | LRMornings

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What Else Did Marvel Announce In Hall H? | SDCC 2019

Last night was a big deal for Marvel. They announced what they're calling Phase Four, which includes five films and five Disney+ shows. However, that wasn't all they announced. In addition to the last minute

Dark Phoenix: Take A Possible Look At The Mutant Dazzler In A Tie-In Music Video

https://youtu.be/NnYsk7jfUTE I had thought the age of movie tie-in songs died a decade or so ago, but then came "Venom" from Eminem with last year's Venom and those dreams were dashed. Now we get another

Kevin Feige is Excited For The Marvel Characters Coming Over In Fox Deal

The Marvel Cinematic Universe was already a gold standard by which others are and will be measured by for years to come. Then, in 2016, the MCU became even better by bringing in  arguably Marvel's most