Jon Spira on the Admiration of Old School Stuntmen in Documentary Hollywood Bulldogs [Exclusive Interview]

Today’s Hollywood stunts utilize green screens, CGI, and even trained specialized stuntpeople who went to school for this profession. However, the yesteryear’s stuntmen that dominated before the 1990s came from a variety of backgrounds to

The Superdeep Details for Blu-ray and DVD Release

The Superdeep is one of the best foreign horror films released this year. This Russian movie resembles the 1982 version of The Thing as a team investigates something strange in a deep mine that’s 12,000

Harriet Robin on Judging Baked Goodies Delight in Peacock’s Baking It [Exclusive Interview]

With Christmas around the corner, the holiday season celebrates reality competitions with plenty of baking shows. One of the newest baking shows will be from Peacock’s Baking It, which is hosted by two of the

1883 Trailer Shows Wagon Trail Dangers in Yellowstone Prequel

The western frontier is always a dangerous area as demonstrated with the popular series Yellowstone from co-creator Taylor Sheridan. This wild west was even more dangerous with the prequel series 1883. The impressive cast includes