Hulu’s This Fool | Michelle Ortiz Interview

This Fool series on Hulu streaming service proved to be one of the hilarious near-all Latino comedies this year that stars Chris Estrada, Frankie Quinones, Michael Imperioli, and Michelle Ortiz. With this comedic ensemble, the

Hunted Trailer Turns Traditional Fox Hunt towards Human Prey

Eventually all old traditions must change. In Hunted, a traditional British fox hunt seeks out a new sporting opportunity by hunting its human victims in the countryside. In this fight for survival, it stars Samantha

Slayers Red Band Trailer Has Vampires on the Hunt for Influencers

Vampires have a new definition of a thirst trap. More like a bloody thirst trap in the vampire horror film Slayers. The film stars Thomas Jane (The Punisher) in the lead role as he attempts

That’s Amor | Gregory Zarian Interview

Nothing is more romantic than taking a Spanish cooking class, as portrayed in That’s Amor. Gregory Zarian stars along with Riley Dandy and Isaac Gonzalez Rossi in this film that currently streaming on Netflix. Zarian

Crunchyroll Releases New Trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

After Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero took the fifth highest-grossing anime film in the United States theatrical box office in history, Crunchyroll is not letting its guard down. The anime studio and streaming service released

Wire Room | Kevin Dillon Interview

Kevin Dillon is a bonafide action star. After the action films A Day to Die with Frank Grillo and Hot Seat with Mel Gibson, Dillon is reunited with action star legend Bruce Willis in Wire

Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 Episode 9 Review: Kushida Falls | AVR

Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 Episode 9 Review: Kushida Falls | AVR Join Kyle (Daily COG), Christine (No Mercy Podcast) and Brian (PulpMythos on YouTube) as they enter the deadliest game known to man...

Rings of Power Star Applauds Diversity In Amazon’s New Show

Lenny Henry, Rings of Power star, applauds diversity in Amazon's new Middle-earth show. Henry is a veteran comedian and actor whom I have seen on screen since I was a child on British TV. Henry

New Contender For DC’s Kevin Feige – Zack Snyder’s Justice League A Mistake – Current DC Projects Still Happening Post-Merger

According to Variety there's another contender for DC's Kevin Feige. Also, the current execs feel Zack Snyder's Justice League was a mistake. Finally, a round up of current DC projects still happening post-merger. Ooft, that's

Fantastic Four Casting Rumors – Are They Legit? | Barside Buzz

Over the last couple of days I'm sure you've seen a lot of Fantastic Four casting rumors. However, are they legit? Well, there are two sets of rumors going around as far as I can