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New Boba Fett Spot Shows Tosche Station Looking Just Like Deleted Scenes From A New Hope

This new Boba Fett spot shows Tosche Station looking just like the deleted scenes from A New Hope. The spot below is called The Return and whilst it features a little more of what we

Is Luke Skywalker Taller In Some Scenes Of A New Hope?

Star Wars franchise is no stranger to theories, even those of a conspiratorial nature. And that's the road we will head down today with a theory centering on Luke Skywalker. Welcome to another installment Cinematic

Mark Hamill Reveals The Star Wars Meme That Makes Him Cringe

Luke Skywalker is the basis of many, many memes. However, there's one in particular that Mark Hamill, well, he's not a fan of it, to say the least. The meme in question is the one

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope – The One That Started It All | The Cantina Reviews

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope - The One That Started It All | The Cantina Reviews The Podcast A long time ago... In this not far, far away galaxy I ran a weekly Star Wars

Star Wars: Mark Hamill Is Still Bugged By This Deleted Scene From A New Hope

Mark Hamill discusses this deleted scene. Political persuasion. The topic of the year, right? Well, it's not something we'll get into here in this article, however, it is a big part of a deleted scene

Mark Hamill Clears Up The Reason For A New Hope Reshoots

Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, took to his Twitter account to clear up some confusion. The misunderstanding had to do with the reason for last-minute reshoots on A New Hope. It was apparently stated in

Star Wars – Finn’s Stormtrooper Number Is A Reference To Leia In A New Hope

Back before we all knew him as Finn, the former stormtrooper was named FN-2187. I had never really given much thought as to why he may have had that specific alphanumeric code, but as it

Star Wars: Mark Hamill Calls Kiss Between Luke And Leia ‘Innocestuous’

Mark Hamill has had a lot of input recently on a couple of the relationships in Star Wars. A week or so ago, the actor posted a poem he wrote for Finn and Poe, the

Star Wars On Disney+ Has Another New Change To The Infamous Han/Greedo Bar Scene

Who shoots first, do you shoot first, or do I shoot first? Yes, folks that now infamous scene from the original Star Wars movie, now subtitled A New Hope has had another change. Back in

New Box Matching Art For Star Wars Blu-ray Individual Releases Appear Online

Pre-orders for Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment’s individual releases of the Star Wars saga on Blu-ray have started and they give us a first look at the new matching artwork on the box sets for