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Hulu’s Am I Being Unreasonable? | Daisy May Cooper and Selin Hizli on British Dark Comedy Series

The British certainly have really dark, twisted humor with the BBC comedy series Am I Being Unreasonable? that is now streaming on Hulu. The series is written by, and star Daisy May Cooper and Selin

His Dark Materials Sets November 16 Season 2 Premiere, Gets Spectral Poster

His Dark Materials Season 2 premiere is near! One of the low-key favorite series of last year for me was His Dark Materials. Admittedly, I’m predisposed to the series as a whole. I’ve read the

His Dark Materials Season 2 Comic-Con Trailer Brings The Goods

His Dark Materials Season 2 trailer hits! His Dark Materials is a TV series that captivated me from the beginning. I mean…it was no surprise. I’m a huge fan of the novel series and author

His Dark Materials Star Talks Darker Season 2 And His Hopes For A 3rd Season, Leaving This Fan Anxious

It's really hard to gauge just how successful His Dark Materials Season 1 was. The show certainly started well, but the story starts slowly, so the audience figures did drop. We already knew Season 2

His Dark Materials Episode 8 ‘Betrayal’ Review – Saving The Best For Last In Season 1

  Well that’s it for Season 1 of His Dark Materials and this pretty much closes out the story that was told in the first book Northern Lights, or for the US, The Golden Compass.

His Dark Materials Original Soundtrack Released For Purchase And Streaming

I like original soundtracks. I love them in TV, I love them in film, I love them in video games, and I love them in anime. While working, they all make the bulk of the

Watchmen Star Regina King Gives Her Own Take On THAT Ending (Major Watchmen Spoilers)

I know it's up there in the title, but just in case, I warn anyone reading this, that we are discussing the ending of Watchmen here. As such prepare to find Major SPOILERS for Watchmen

His Dark Materials Episode 7: The Fight To The Death Review – Almost The Best Episode So Far But Not Quite

We are now only one episode from the end of His Dark Materials Season 1, and for anyone who has read the books, you will be aware of roughly what comes next for this story.

His Dark Materials Featurette Dives Into Adapting Philip Pullman’s Series For The Small Screen

Adapting anything from the page to the screen is a difficult thing for any project. However, it’s especially difficult when you’re dealing with etherial and controversial subjects such as souls and religion. Put it all

His Dark Materials Episode 6 ‘The Daemon Cages’ Review – Tense And Horrific Drama

After this week's episode of His Dark Materials we only have two more episodes to go to round out Season 1. So far things have been a great improvement over the ill-fated attempt to adapt