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Assassin Trailer Has Agent In Other Bodies to Complete Missions

The future of warfare relies on precise hits from unbeknownst would-be killers, as in Assassin. In one of Bruce Willis’ last films, he stars in this action-thriller about a secret assassin military operation that has

Fortress Trailer Has Bruce Willis Being Hunted Down Again

The Bruce Willis movie formula works every time. The action star hunts down bad guys one by one and throws out a catchy line. This time around, he’s being hunted by mercenaries in a mountain

Deadlock Trailer Has Bruce Willis As the Crazy Villain

A Hero no more. Bruce Willis is a loony terrorist hell-bent on taking revenge on a small town in the action film Deadlock. And, it’ll be Patrick Muldoon who is there to stop him. Here’s

Jaime King Talks About Internal And External Structure In her Character For Out Of Death [Exclusive Interview]

Jaime King is the protagonist in the recent film Out Of Death. King plays Shannon, a woman that seeks inter and outer strength. https://youtu.be/ulT5QB_uJL0 The Synopsis  Retired cop Jack Harris’s (Bruce Willis, “Die Hard”) solace

Mike Burns Discussed Working With Bruce Willis Again In Out Of Death [Exclusive Interview]

Mike Burns makes his directorial debut with Out of Death. Starring Bruce Willis and Jamie King.  https://youtu.be/ulT5QB_uJL0 The Synopsis  Retired cop Jack Harris’s (Bruce Willis, “Die Hard”) solace in the remote wilderness is hijacked when he encounters

Frank Grillo Convinces Bruce Willis to Battle Aliens in Cosmic Sin Clip

https://youtu.be/mcJXs7GwHC0 Once again, Earth needs heroes as humans are on a brink of a space war. This time around, Bruce Willis and Frank Grillo team up together for the sci-fi adventure Cosmic Sin. The action

New Trailer For Breach Has Bruce Willis and Rachel Nichols Hunting Aliens

[caption id="attachment_172475" align="alignnone" width="800"] Breach[/caption] Bruce Willis still has his action star credentials. The veteran actor shows no signs of slowing down in terms of action movies as he stars along with Thomas Jane and

Friday Free-For-All: Bruce Willis, Tom Hanks, And Animation! | LRMornings

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Bruce Willis Says Die Hard Isn’t A Christmas Movie

The movie that spawned the modern action flick, Die Hard, has always been thought of by many fans as a Christmas movie, not only that but it is many fans' favorite Christmas movie. The film's star,