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Cloverfield Sequel On The Way From Gotham P.D. Showrunner

I think I can say that I enjoyed the trailer for Cloverfield more than I enjoyed the film itself. It wasn't a bad film, I liked it quite a bit, but if you saw the

Drew Goddard Won’t Rule Out Returning To Cloverfield In The Future

Drew Goddard may be a big name now, but we sometimes forget that he started out in the world of TV alongside Joss Whedon with shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Back in

CinemaCon 2018: J.J. Abrams Says Overlord Is Not Next Cloverfield Installment, But One Is In The Works

  Don’t be disappointed, Cloverfield fans. In the Paramount Pictures’ presentation at CinemaCon 2018, many thought Overlord is going to be the next installment to the Cloverfield series or at least in the same universe.

A Quiet Place Writers Considered Making It A Cloverfield Movie

The folks over at Bad Robot and Paramount have a sweet thing going on with those Cloverfield movies. They take interesting, high-concept, science fiction scripts and once they're good enough on their own, they jury-rig

Has Cloverfield 5 Already Been Shot, And Does It Star Daisy Ridley?

Cloverfield 3 has only just been released (as The Cloverfield Paradox on Netflix), and Cloverfield 4 has only just been rumored to exist, but we're already hearing rumors regarding a potential Cloverfield 5. RELATED -

The Original Cloverfield Syncs Up With The Cloverfield Paradox [VIDEO]

Ok, so this is pretty interesting, a Reddit user, known as ___Ghost___  has discovered that it is possible to sync up the original Cloverfield movie with the most recent installment in the franchise, The Cloverfield Paradox. The

Paramount Plans On Releasing Cloverfield 4 And Further Entries In Theaters

JJ Abrams, Paramount, and Netflix may have pulled off the greatest feat of all time with announcing the title, releasing the trailer, and dropping the film The Cloverfield Paradox all in the same night after

The Cloverfield Paradox May Have Been A Huge Surprise, But It May Have Also Been A Huge Dud

Ever since Sundance, there have been rumors revolving around Netflix potentially acquiring the next Cloverfield film, which we now know as The Cloverfield Paradox. Not long after, there were rumors about Netflix potentially even dropping

RUMOR: Cloverfield 4 Is Not Only A WWII Thriller, But Has Reportedly Already Been Filmed

Around March of last year, there were rumblings about a Bad Robot project called Overlord. The film was a World War II thriller, and it was thought to potentially be yet another entry in the

Has Cloverfield 3’s Title Been Revealed?

The Cloverfield franchise has been an interesting beast. It would have been easy for them to go the traditional sequelization route, but with 10 Cloverfield Lane, it became clear that each movie would essentially be