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James Gunn Gives One Year DCU Update As Production Starts On Superman: Legacy

On social media James Gunn gives a one year on DCU update as productions starts on Superman: Legacy. It was of course around a year ago that we first heard that Gunn and Safran were

James Gunn Says Creature Commandos Is Coming 2024 After All

In order to counter some misinformation that was revealed last week James Gunn has come out to say Creature Commandos is coming in 2024 after all. As you are aware, we covered some information from

Penguin Delayed Till Fall 2024 – Creature Commandos 2025 – House Of The Dragon S2 Summer 24′

There was recently a HBO/Max slate presentation, which had various media in attendance. We have learned from this that Penguin is delayed until Fall 2024, Creature Commandos will release in 2025, plus House of the

UPDATE! James Gunn Confirms FOUR Returning Actors

UPDATE! James Gunn confirms three FOUR returning actors from the DCEU! This is a repost of a story we ran yesterday and the rest of that story is below as is. However since we published

James Gunn Says Nothing Canon In DCU Till Creature Commandos – Confirms Three Returning Actors

James Gunn says nothing is canon in the DCU till Creature Commandos and Superman: Legacy, though he does confirm three returning actors from the DCEU. Let's start with the canon comments. Gunn was responding to

James Gunn Confirms Episode Count Of Creature Commandos Season 1

In a recent series of posts on Threads, James Gunn confirms the episode count of Creature Commandos Season 1, and says the voice roles have already been recorded. Let's start with the title news, as

James Gunn HAS Discussed A DCU Role For Henry Cavill But Not The One Rumored

James Gunn HAS discussed a DCU role for Henry Cavill. However it's not the one rumored lately on the Barside Buzz. The DCU co-boss Gunn responded to claims that Cavill was being lined up for

New DCU Slate Revealed By James Gunn! Here We Go

The breaking news (as everyone expected) is the new DCU slate revealed by boss James Gunn. The DCEU is becoming the DCU and now we have a blueprint for the first few projects that will