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The Visitor Trailer Has Finn Jones Facing a Possible Doppelganger

The Visitor has Finn Jones in a weird dilemma of facing his doppelganger. According to the doppelganger legend, there is someone out there in the world with your likeness. However, if the person ever meets

Unhuman | Uriah Shelton and Drew Scheid Interview [Exclusive]

School bus drivers tend to make the wrong turns that’ll send the passenger to their deaths, doom, and destruction. In Unhuman, a busload of misfits accidentally arrived to a zombie apocalypse as they must somehow

FROM | Harold Perrineau, Catalina Sandino Moreno, and Eion Bailey On Epix’s New Horror Series [Exclusive]

This weekend is the release of Epix's new modern horror series, From. This series takes us to a small rural town where all who enter are trapped for what seems forever. That is if they

TCA 2022 | Tom Blyth Discusses Playing Iconic Outlaw in EPIX’s Billy the Kid

Billy the Kid ranks amongst the top outlaws of the wild west in real life. The new series Billy the Kid seeks to tell the western story into a more romantic adventure. The series is

TCA 2022 | EPIX’s From EPs Focuses on People as the Nightmares in the Horror Series

EPIX stepped up its original horror scripted content with Chapelwaite based on Stephen King’s short story. Now the premium television network turned to another sci-fi/horror series From. The press at the Television Critics Association this

Ali LeRoi on Dynamics of Characters and Cast of EPIX’s American Refugee [Exclusive Interview]

To director Ali LeRoi, the characters and cast abilities to portray interesting dynamics make a great film in EPIX’s American Refugee. In the film, the characters must use their survivalist instincts not only to survive

Erika Alexander and Derek Luke on Survivalism in Epix’s American Refugee [Exclusive Interview]

If the American government collapses, then everyone is on their own with the survival mentality. In Epix’s American Refugee, the nation was on the brink of chaos and collapse and everyone resorted to helping themselves.

American Refugee Trailer Has Black Family Discovering Their Host to Be Dangerous

In the midst of chaos, any helping hand may be appreciated. In the circumstance of one black family, it appears they may have jumped out of a frying pan and into the fire in the

Angela Sarafyan and Lia McHugh on Mother-Daughter Survival in Horror EPIX’s A House On the Bayou [Exclusive Interview]

The swampland is not the ideal getaway for a family gathering. In A House on the Bayou, a small family starring Angela Sarafyan, Lia McHugh, and Paul Schneider discover neighbors nearby have a nefarious plan

Alex McAulay on Demonic Spirit in A House on the Bayou [Exclusive Interview]

A getaway in the swamplands is probably the least likely idea for a vacation. Who knows what lurks in the area that may include mosquitos, crocodiles, or perhaps something more nefarious. From director and writer