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Halloween Ends Featurette | Jamie Lee Curtis Talks About “The Final Battle”

Halloween Ends promises the final battle over 40 years in the making. In one corner is the seemingly immortal Michael Myers who does not let anything get in his way. On the other side is

‘The Final Reckoning’ Halloween Ends Featurette

On October 14, Halloween Ends. The story of Laurie Strode began in John Carpenter's 1978 classic horror-thriller Halloween will come to an epic conclusion as she faces off for the last time against the embodiment of

Jamie Lee Curtis Announces Theater/Peacock Halloween Ends Release

Laurie Strode will make her last stand in Halloween Ends this October. The haunting and bloody journey that started all the way back to the John Carpenter horror classic will finally come to an end.

Halloween Kills | Jamie Lee Curtis And Andi Matichak On Why Laurie And Allyson Are So Similar [Roundtable Interview]

This weekend will be the highly anticipated release of Universal Pictures’ Halloween Kills. Kicking off right where we left off after the horrific events of 2018’s Halloween. Laurie’s house is ablaze but the evil within

Halloween Kills Featurette Hypes Original Cast Members Return to Screen

Can’t imagine that it’s been more than 40 years since John Carpenter’s Halloween movie that introduced the world to the masked maniac Michael Myers. The legend of Michael Myers is still going on strong today

Halloween Kills ‘Welcomes Back’ Director David Gordon Green As Production Begins

The 2018 Halloween remake was definitely a success bringing in over $255 million with a mere budget of $10 million.  That's a decent haul... Now that we not only have two confirmed sequels in the

John Carpenter Tweets The Titles To TWO Halloween Sequels

Legendary filmmaker John Carpenter made an announcement to his social media followers Friday morning. While the iconic writer/director/composer recently made headlines after signing with DC Comics to write a story arc on the Joker, this

Halloween: A Look Inside Featurette Goes Behind The Mask

  https://youtu.be/MF_9k0IrvWg One day after the release of the latest Halloween trailer, Universal Pictures released a one-minute long "peek" at the inspirations of the film with the filmmakers and star behind the production. Featured in

New Halloween Set Photo Of Jamie Lee Curtis

With less than two months until the premiere of the upcoming Halloween sequel, franchise fanatics are eagerly counting down the days until they see their favorite heroine face-off against their favorite slasher. Official and fan-run

Jamie Lee Curtis Explains Why She Returned To The Halloween Franchise

Jamie Lee Curtis' role as Laurie Strode in John Carpenter's Halloween back in 1978 is responsible for propelling the young actress to Hollywood stardom. After achieving the status of "Scream Queen" (due to roles in