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Jessica Jones Season 3 Review – Is It Worth Watching? [SPOILER FREE]

Jessica Jones final Season debuted on Netflix last Friday, and all but the most dedicated of binge-watchers will perhaps have taken a week or so to watch the 13-episode Marvel show. Of course, this season

Jessica Jones: Knowledge Of Cancellation Allowed Them To Create Satisfying End

A show's cancellation kinda sucks. Unlike movies, it's very easy for series creators to have to end their run mid-story. In the case of many big, sci-fi-driven shows, the story is cut off before it

Jessica Jones Final Season Trailer: Someone Wants Jessica To Die

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DBKS2qH51I This month will mark the end of an era. After a handful of years of mostly-excellent content, the partnership between Marvel and Netflix will pretty much be dissolved. Jessica Jones was the final Defenders

Jessica Jones Season 3 Poster And Synopsis – First Trailer Due To Hit Later Today

Jessica Jones Season 3 will most definitely be the last of The Defenders Marvel shows to appear on Netflix. We still don’t know if there is life outside Netflix for these characters on Hulu, but

Jessica Jones: Star Krysten Ritter Hops In The Director’s Chair For Season 3 [VIDEO]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVItgluTbvQ Jessica Jones is on the way to the small screen for one final season...well, one final season for the foreseeable future. I'll admit, that second season really took the wind out of my sails

Eka Darville Teases Dark Turn For Malcolm In Jessica Jones Season 3

Jessica Jones Season 3 is set to not only be the final season of Jessica Jones, but also the final Marvel show that will appear on Netflix. All the Marvel properties on Netflix have been

Jessica Jones Teaser Reveals June 14 Release Date

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFGm_E9UeBE Jessica Jones is on her way out. However, unlike the other shows in the Marvel/Netflix-spehere, at least we know going into this third season that it'll be the final one. However, while we knew

Oh S**t, Jessica Jones Season 3 Is Coming Next Month?

Yeah, the title pretty much speaks for itself. We've known for a long time that Marvel and Netflix's relationship was pretty much done. Ever since Disney put out news that they were putting out their

Jessica Jones Showrunner Leaves Series For Warner Bros. TV Deal

The Marvel character Jessica Jones became a well-known name when her very own series, Marvel's Jessica Jones, premiered on Netflix. Fitting in perfectly in the "grounded" Marvel world set up by Marvel's Daredevil series, Jones

Jessica Jones Season 3 Casting Character Descriptions

Netflix has already green-lit a third season of Marvel's Jessica Jones. While it seems early days with Season 2 not long released, the train keeps on rolling as the casting process for Jessica Jones Season