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Lucas’ Sister Erica Will Return In Stranger Things 3

Possible SPOILERS for Stranger Things 2 ahead! Stranger Things 2 knocked it out of the park. The series' biggest strength is not the '80s nostalgia or the nightmarish plot, but rather, the amazing ensemble of

Is This Stranger Things Character Actually Alive?

So apparently Stranger Things 2 Episode 7 was a controversial ones for fans. Some felt like it served more as filler than anything else, turning from a real Stranger Things episode to something like The

This Stranger Things 2 Scene Was Done Completely With Practical Effects

In today’s day and age, TV shows and movies often get a bad rap for overusing CG. And it makes sense why studios would do this. By and large, doing things in post is often

The Best Twitter Reactions to Stranger Things 2

It was a great weekend for many of Netflix's customers as Stranger Things 2 came out on Friday. With many people binging the series over the course of three days (or much, much less), people

The Duffer Brothers Defend Season 2, Episode 7 Of Stranger Things

If you didn’t know, all nine episodes of Stranger Things 2 was released on Friday. The show looked to continue its 80s nostalgia theme and bring forth a worthy successor to the highly regarded first

Stranger Things 2: The Duffer Brothers Explain How The Ending Sets Up Season 3

SPOILERS ahead for Stranger Things 2's finale. Finish the whole season before you read this. You've been warned! Stranger Things 2 dropped on Netflix just this past Friday, and yes, I finished it Saturday. Though

Stranger Things Getting An Aftershow On Netflix [VIDEO]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d39XqRMWlqg Netflix has certainly changed a lot of aspects of television for viewers. No longer do we wait on a week by week basis for each episode to drop. Nowadays, many fans binge whole seasons

Stranger Things: Check Out This Upside Down Easter Egg On Netflix Right Now!

Netflix has seemingly had a fantastic time with their marketing for Stranger Things 2. Not only had we had more traditional trailers and teasers for the upcoming season, but we’ve also had a video game,

Check Out Stranger Things Creators’ Senior Thesis, Eater

Long before the Duffer brothers hit it big with their Netflix series Stranger Things, they attended a little school called Chapman University. For their senior thesis, the pair made a pulpy film about a shapeshifting cannibal

Stranger Things Releases 9 Seriously Strange New Promos

Netflix is sure going all out on all the Stranger Things 2 marketing. Not only have we had a few trailers, a few clips, countless homage posters, a video game, and a bunch of little