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Review: Netflix’s Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, Part II

With a highly successful first season and an enjoyable "winter solstice" special under its belt, Netflix's Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina resurrected with its highly-anticipated "part two" season. When we last left young Ms. Spellman, she

Netflix’s Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Part II Trailer

https://youtu.be/d8dLwiT2KOo It was just last Halloween that the world—well, the Netflix world—was introduced to the darker, comics book-inspired take on Sabrina, The Teenage Witch. Paired beautifully with tongue-in-cheek humor and occult-themed suspenseful horror, the series

Casting Underway For Lucifer Morningstar For Season 2 Of The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

With that crazy lawsuit over the statue behind Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, it is time to focus on the second season of the series. We saw in the first season that the Dark Lord

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Holiday Special Gets Synopsis

Looks like we’re getting a holiday special from the Church of Night. Netflix has begun setting its cast for the Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina holiday special. Actress Mckenna Grace will be guest-starring as a younger

Season 2 Of Netflix’s The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Is Already Filming

Netflix is giving The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina a lot of faith. We've already known for a good chunk of time that they had ordered two seasons of the spooky series -- and it made