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The Flash Gets An Official Synopsis Following Recent Trailer

As per the headline, The Flash gets a new official synopsis following the recent trailer which had its debut last Sunday. There's nothing too drastic in this synopsis, not if you've seen the recent trailer

Jeremy Irons Is In The Flash As Alfred | Barside Buzz

According to two separate and equally informed insiders, we now know that Jeremy Irons is in The Flash as Alfred. It was always known that Ben Affleck would appear one last time as Batfleck for

Superman’s Fate In The DCEU – Could These Rumors Tell Us The Answer?| Barside Buzz SPOILERS

Given there's no word of Henry Cavill returning, as yet, fans do wonder what Superman's fate in the DCEU will be? After all, we know that The Flash introduces Sasha Calle as Supergirl and Michael

Dylan O’Brien As Dick Grayson In Batgirl Rumor | Barside Buzz

There has been lot of rumors around Robin showing up in Batgirl. Now we have a Dylan O'Brien as Dick Grayson in Batgirl rumor that spawned from this. There's been a few set photo's which

How The Flash Will Change The DCEU Rumor Plus Ezra Miller Response | Barside Buzz

Want to know just how The Flash will change the DCEU? Well, the latest rumors seek to answer that question plus we have an Ezra Miller response to these rumors. As always keep a steady

The Flash To Wrap Soon And Batfleck Filmed Scenes Inside A Week

The Flash to wrap soon according to a new report. Another says that Batfleck filmed his scenes within a week, and therefore don't expect a major role. First off let's look at the news that

Martian Manhunter In The Flash Rumor | Barside Buzz

A new listing on IMDb has caused fans to begun speculating whether we will see Martian Manhunter in The Flash? We already know that Ben Affleck will appear as Batman and there are plenty of

Henry Cavill Rumored For The Flash Appearance | Barside Buzz

Henry Cavill rumored for The Flash appearance! There will be some fans very curious to see if Henry Cavill will don Superman's cape once more. Check out @AjepArts post below sharing a now deleted claim

Playing Batman Again ‘Like Riding A Bike’ Says Michael Keaton

Playing Batman again was ' like riding a bike' says Michael Keaton. Keaton is once again donning the cape and cowl for his return as Batman in The Flash. Keaton has been conducting online interviews

The Flash Villain Revealed Rumor | Barside Buzz

Is The Flash villain revealed? Yes according to the folks over at The Direct. Yesterday the outlet ran an exclusive story claiming to know what villain Barry Allen will face in movie. As for accuracy,