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What to Watch This Weekend: Vengeance

Vengeance is a story of expectations and response. Ben (B.J. Novak) lives a life of transient relationships as he navigates the dating scene in New York City. Out of the blue, he’s informed that Abby—one

All Episodes of The Office Available for Free For A Week On Peacock

NBC's Peacock streaming service will make all episodes of The Office available for free for one week's time that began yesterday. Normally, only the first two seasons are available to free users.  But wait, there's

Oscar Nunez Looks Back On His Experiences With The Office [Exclusive Interview]

[caption id="attachment_175354" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Oscar Nunez in The Office[/caption] Oscar Nunez joined the cast of The Office back in 2005 and he never imagined it lasted nine whole seasons. With 201 episodes, there are plenty

The Office Creator Greg Daniels Talks Popularity and Move to Peacock [Exclusive Interview]

[caption id="attachment_175167" align="alignnone" width="800"] Greg Daniels co-created The Office[/caption] No doubt that The Office is one of the most valuable sitcom properties for streaming. Die-hard fans would stream hours of The Office all day to

The Office: Greg Daniels Says Jim And Pam Were Never Going To Split Up

I'm not what one would call a fan of the romance genre. However, there are two sitcom relationships that I do enjoy. One would be Marshall and Lily from How I Met Your Mother. The

Andy Buckley on The Success And Comedy of Peacock’s The Office [Exclusive Interview]

[caption id="attachment_175010" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Andy Buckley from Peacock's The Office[/caption] After many years with Dunder Mifflin, David Wallace got the last laugh as the boss. Andy Buckley joined NBC’s The Office as David Wallace, the

Office Showrunner Greg Daniels Weighs In On A Possible Reboot

The Office has been in the news over the last week or so due to the series moving from its longtime streaming home, Netflix, to NBC Universal's Peacock platform. With the move came a big

The Office: Video Compilation Of The Best Office Extas On Peacock

I will assume, if you clicked on this article you were at one time at least a casual fan of The Office. And I'm willing to bet in this day and age even former casual

The Office Leaving Netflix Tonight Is Not One Of Jim’s Pranks

Two long time business associates will end their relationship tonight. Yes, unfortunately, the day many an Office fan has been dreading is finally here. The popular NBC series will no longer be available to stream

The Office: Steve Carell And Rainn Wilson Reminisce About The Glory Days Of Dunder Mifflin

I would estimate that I've 9,986,000 minutes of The Office. Ok, so I went to a time calculator and no, I've not watched that much of the show. Though I have watched the series several