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The First 16 Chapters Of Rhythm Of War Audiobook Are Available On YouTube

Wanna listen to the Rhythm of War audiobook? As you can probably tell from author Brandon Sanderson’s strategy, they’re not afraid to give away stuff for free. In fact, that’s been Sanderson’s strategy for years. I

Stormlight Archive: The Dawnshard Novella Is Actually A Novel Now

Whoops — Brandon Sanderson accidentally turned Dawnshard into a novel. Gotta love Brandon Sanderson. The dude is a compulsive writer. He exists and his books seem to just explode into the ether. Okay, obviously, that’s

Brandon Sanderson Gives Updates On Mistborn, Stormlight Archive, And General Cosmere Adaptations

Brandon Sanderson gives us an update on all the adaptations in the works. Brandon Sanderson is an author who has yet to have his books adapted for the screen. This is in spite of the

Rhythm Of War Audiobook Has Finished Recording, Narrators Celebrate With Facebook Post

The Rhythm of War audiobook is done. The Rhythm of War book has hit another milestone. That’s right. The 450,000+ word tome from Brandon Sanderson continues to chug along the production process. Today, we are talking

Brandon Sanderson Has Finished Draft 2 Of Dawnshard Stormlight Novella, Looking For Beta Readers

Dawnshard draft 2 is done! If you are still playing catch-up on The Stormlight Archive before Rythm of War hits, you’re running out of time. Its November 17 release date is right around the corner,

Rhythm Of War Final Word Count Revealed: Longer Than Oathbringer?

The Rhythm of War final word count is in! If you’ve been following the Rhythm of War coverage on the site, you’ll know I’ve been doing my best to figure out just how long this book is.

Stormlight Archive: It Looks Like Rhythm Of War Is Slightly Shorter Than Oathbringer

Will Rhythm of War be shorter than Oathbringer? Author Brandon Sanderson isn’t known for being short-winded. Many of his books break 200,000 words on the regular. His Stormlight Archive novels are all around 400,000 words or so.

Rhythm Of War: Audiobook Narrators Share This Photo Of The MASSIVE Manuscript!

Rhythm of War audiobook narrators give us a sneak peek. This November, the mammoth tome will be bounding its way into bookstores and retailers near you. We don’t know how many words it ultimately is, but

Brandon Sanderson Wraps Dawnshard First Draft, Gives Release And Viewpoint Updates

Dawnshard is done, now here is the release update. Earlier this week, author Brandon Sanderson revealed he was approaching the climax of the novella Dawnshard. It was unclear to me if he planned on finishing

Brandon Sanderson Approaching Climax Of Dawnshard Novella

The climax of Dawnshard is nigh! Are you sitting in your seats, still eagerly awaiting the release of the fourth Stormlight Archive book, Rhythm of War? Well, don’t forget that that’s not all we have to