GOTHAM Season 3: Jim Gordon Has The City Of Gotham In His Hand In New Poster

Fox's hit series Gotham is heading into its third season. Despite a mixed response from fans and critics, this one has managed to successfully carve out its little pre-Batman ecosystem -- an ecosystem that consists

Affleck Is Feeling ‘Batman’ Pressure

Ben Affleck is currently out making the rounds to promote Gone Girl. The David Fincher film is all ready earning rave reviews, and Affleck- as its star- is getting getting a ton of spotlight shown onto

Is Wahlberg ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’?

"We can adapt it. We're Hollywood." Looks like a big screen take of The Six Million Dollar Man may finally be slow-mo running into theaters fairly soon. Peter Berg is set to produce, and possibly direct, and

‘Star Wars Rebels’ Gets A Hot New Teaser Featuring Darth Vader

Star Wars Rebels is preparing to come back for its second season. The season will kick off with a special event entitled "The Siege of Lothal," a story which will include the iconic character Darth Vader.  Here's

Scoop Confirmed: Chadwick Boseman is Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’

Marvel staged an event earlier today where they revealed their full slate of Phase 3 films. While we'll have more on that later, courtesy of El Mayimbe, I'm happy to report than another of our