Could Disney Face Difficulties In 2020?

It's been quite the successful 2019 for for Disney and it's CEO Bob Iger. Earlier this year via Marvel Studios they wrapped up a ten year story in the making with Avengers: Endgame that became

Better Call Saul Season 5 Teaser: Jimmy Films Another Ad

Jimmy McGill may be a good man at heart, but he’s not above allowing himself to fall victim to his own strengths. At the end of the day, he’s a showman — a hard worker

Quentin Tarantino’s Film Editor For Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood Reveals The Scenes He Had To Cut

Clocking in at two hours and forty-one minutes, Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood fits the standard time length for a Quentin Tarantino film. Inglorious Basterds clocks in at two hours and thirty-three minutes, Django Unchained is two hours and forty-five minutes,

The Suicide Squad: David Ayer Says James Gunn Is ‘Reinventing The Universe’

Honestly, when all said and done, I think director David Ayer deserves a medal. From everything we know, his vision of Suicide Squad was placed to the side in favor of the studio’s own, and

Star Wars: Don’t Worry — Rey And Kylo Ren Are NOT Related [SPOILERS]

Disclaimer: This post contains spoilers for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Star Wars has a bad habit of making everyone related to one another. In a galaxy full of people, it seems as though

New Mutants Trailer Coming Next Month?

Holy crap, you remember The New Mutants? Yeah, that movie that was supposed to come out…*looks at calendar*…in April of 2018? Good God, that was a long time ago. Well, the current April 3, 2020

Eddie Murphy’s Hilarious Return To SNL Delivers High Ratings For NBC

Legendary actor and comedian Eddie Murphy made his triumphant return to Saturday Night Live, hosting the show for the first time since his departure as cast mate 35 years ago. Partnered with the extremely popular and

Signed Star Wars Script To Appear On New Episode Of Pawn Stars

One thing I've learned after three years at LRM, it's that you never know what is gonna pop up on the news log next. Today a story showed up about the next episode of History

Terry Gilliam: ‘I Hated Black Panther’

When Black Panther hit theaters back in 2018, it was kind of a big deal. Against a lot of expectations, it broke $1 billion and was even nominated for Best Picture in this past year’s

So, A REAL Lightsaber Has Actually Been Made?!

There’s no way I was the only kid growing up that was super disappointed to learn that the lightsabers in Star Wars weren’t real. I mean, of course, the toys in the store weren’t actually