Candyman Director Nia DaCosta Juneteenth Video Message

In a holiday that is celebrated for more than 100 years by the Black community, this is the first year that Juneteenth is recognized as a federal holiday. Director Nia DaCosta for the upcoming remake

Marq Evans on the Life and Ambition of Will Vinton in Claydream | Tribeca 2021 [Exclusive Interview]

For many decades, animator Will Vinton was flying high in the clay animation world and on his way to be the next Walt Disney. After an Oscar-winning animated film and nationwide recognizable advertising campaigns, his

Cast Surprises Fans at F9 Fan Event

With sweltering heat across the United States, F9 is gearing up to be one of the hottest movies this summer. In a special fan event for the anticipated blockbuster film F9 in Los Angeles, hundreds

Shariff Korver on Mideast Mission Gone Awry in Do Not Hesitate | Tribeca 2021 [Exclusive Interview]

Numerous things have gone wrong with Middle East military missions. Given the circumstances and being surrounded by possible hostiles, soldiers are on extreme alert and suspicious as demonstrated in a military mission that gone awry

Let’s Talk Spicy Anime With Chobits, Tenchi, Rent-A-Girlfriend And More | Anime-Versal Reviews: Midnight Run

Let's Talk Spicy Anime With Chobits, Tenchi, Rent-A-Girlfriend And More | Anime-Versal Reviews: Midnight Run Be sure to check out our sponsor Grow Generation: Where the Pros Go to Grow. Welcome to The Genreverse Podcast

Scott Aharoni and Dennis Latos on the Covid-19 Lockdown Short Film Leylak | Tribeca 2021 [Exclusive Interview]

Too many of us—the short film Leylak hits too close to home. Directors Scott Aharoni and Dennis Latos captured the essence of the first few weeks of the nationwide lockdown of 2020 as COVID-19 gripped

Pig Trailer Has Nicolas Cage Seeking His Favored Truffle Swine

In the past few years, Nicolas Cage certainly has a wide-ranging selection of films he starred in. From supernatural to horror to even kung fu action, Cage landed into a mystery drama in Pig that

Odinn’s Eye | Bad Idea Takeover with Joshua Dysart: The Comic Source Podcast

In this episode we discuss; Odinn's Eye | Bad Idea Takeover with Joshua Dysart The Comic Source Podcast   Watch episode on YouTube Follow Josh on Twitter Watch Óðinn's Eye Trailer on YouTube Follow Tomas