Terrifier 2 Making It’s Way To SCREAMBOX And Physical Pre-Orders

What a controversial horror film Terrifier 2 has been. You've either loved it or hated it. When by hate it, I mean reports of audience members fainting and vomiting during the theatrical showings. With this

Shudder’s V/H/S/99 Becomes Streamers Most-Watched Film Debut

According to the horror streaming service Shudder, V/H/S/99 debuted to record numbers in its opening weekend. Through the first four days of its release, the film registered 28% more unique viewers than the previous record

The Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special Trailer | The Squad Needs To Cheer Up Star Lord

Marvel Studios has released our first look at The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special. If you've been keeping up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you'd know that it has been pretty rough for Star

DC Has Found Their New Leads: James Gunn And Peter Safran

Maybe we were wrong to assume that when Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson said, "the hierarchy of power in the DC Universe is changing", he was talking about a lot more than just Black Adam. Since

Medieval | Petr Jákl Interview

To Petr Jákl, Jan Žižka is one of the greatest warriors in the Czech Republic and perhaps the entire world. The national hero, also nicknamed “One-Eyed Žižka,” never lost a battle as Jákl wanted to

Henry Cavill Officially Announces Return As Superman

After this weekend's opening of Black Adam, Henry Cavill officially announces his return as Superman in more projects to come. Since the leaked footage was revealed we have known that Superman appears in a post-credit

Mephisto Special Rumored Starring Sacha Baron Cohen | Barside Buzz

After the news that Sacha Baron Cohen could be playing Mephisto for Marvel, we now have a Mephisto Halloween Special rumored to be on the way. That's according to insider MTTSH, check it out. [embed]https://twitter.com/MyTimeToShineH/status/1583859063599005696?s=20&t=RyZ_7fFuukPi-0EDeYEfeQ[/embed]

Kennedy Told To Stop Announcing Star Wars Projects By Disney

According to a new report Lucasfilm president Kathy Kennedy told to stop announcing Star Wars projects by Disney, too early at least. The report comes from Matthew Belloni of Puck News and to be honest,

Lindelof’s Star Wars Movie Is Set After The Sequel Trilogy

According to a new report, Damon Lindelof's Star Wars movie is set after the sequel trilogy. We shared a report yesterday that Lindelof was working on a script with a co-writer and the movie would

“House of the Dragon,” Concludes Incredible First Season With Intense, Emotional Finale – NFC Podcast

"House of the Dragon," has had a fantastic first season. The narrative has been tight and cohesive, the character development strong. The finale episode of the season, "The Black Queen," finds Team Black dealing with