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Madame Web Trailer Reaction: It’s Bad… & Marvel In Panic Mode? | D-COG

Madame Web Trailer Reaction: It's Bad... & Marvel In Panic Mode? | D-COG Today, Kyle reacts to the Madame Web trailer and discusses recent Marvel and MCU rumors. Welcome to The Daily Cup of Genre!

Madame Web Trailer – Please Stop Sony, It’s Already Dead

So we have the Madame Web trailer and after seeing it I implore you, please stop Sony, it's already dead. As in, Sony's Spider-Man Universe that is. After Oscar winning box office smash Morbius, we

SHOCKINGLY BAD Madame Web Casting & Story Rumors/Theories | Daily COG

SHOCKINGLY BAD Madame Web Casting & Story Rumors/Theories | Daily COG Another round of bad news surrounding Ezra Miller has WB Discovery doubting the future of The Flash movie. Also, Neil Gaiman is looking for

Sony’s Madame Web Rumored Cast And Characters | Barside Buzz

Tod we are sharing the rumored Madame Web cast and characters. The Cosmic Circus claims to have verified with multiple sources that the following actors and the characters they play are correct. As always with

Sony Dates Madame Web And Moves Across The Spider-Verse Plus More

Sony dates Madame Web and Moves Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse plus more date announcements. As per Deadline Sony has announced a slew of dates and date changes for their upcoming movies. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is

Marvel Filming Update With Some Rumors And Some Facts

This article shares a Marvel filming update from Atlanta Filming covering several projects from both Marvel and Sony (and one from DC). There is also some hard facts in here as James Gunn recently conformed

Sidney Sweeney Cast In Sony’s Madame Web

Deadline reports that Euphoria actress Sydney Sweeney cast in Sony's Madame Web movie opposite star Dakota Johnson. It is currently unknown who Sweeney is playing in the movie. Hardly surprising considering the idea of Madame

Dakota Johnson Confirms Controversial Madame Web Casting, Wait… WHAT MOVIE IS COMING?!?

Sony has a history of terrible ideas, and Dakota Johnson confirming her Madame Web casting proves that. What are some past terrible ideas? Well, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Ghostbusters: Answer The Call, that idea for an

Marvel Rumors On Madame Web And Adam Warlock | Barside Buzz

Today we share some Marvel rumors on Madame Web and Adam Warlock. As you are probably aware Madame Web is owned by Sony Pictures and Adam Warlock by Marvel Studios. We are therefore potentially branching

S.J. Clarkson Will Develop A Female Led Marvel Movie For Sony – Could It Be Madame Web?

Yesterday, news broke that veteran TV director S.J. Clarkson will develop a female led Marvel movie for Sony. It is thought that Sony have been keen to push ahead with a female led project and