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Netflix And Mark Millar Announce New Comic Series

  It has been just over a year since Netflix and comic book writer Mark Millar (Civil War, The Ultimates, Superman: Red Son) announced a deal which would see Netflix begin publishing comics. Back in

Netflix Releases Trailer For First Comic From Mark Millar

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLbvqioTrxA I still think it's a bit weird that Netflix is getting into the business of comics, but here we go, anyways. Several months back, the streaming giant penned a deal with comic book writer

Mark Millar Tells Us Who He Wants To Play The Next Kick-Ass In A Film

Mark Millar has been very busy as of late. In the fall of last year we reported that with Millarworld being recently acquired by Netflix, Millar's first comic book title under that banner would be

Mark Millar’s First Comic Book With Netflix Is Announced

Without a doubt Netflix is doing whatever they can to continue to provide exclusive content. This was evident by their acquisition of Millarworld, the comic book publishing company founded by legendary comic book creator Mark