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Exclusive Clip from SurrealEstate Episode “Gods and Monsters”

One of the best supernatural series on SYFY is with SurrealEstate. As season two of the series is currently underway on SYFY, there are plenty of supernatural twists and the love of real estate. The

Chucky Season 3 Teaser Trailer Has Craze Maniac in the White House

It seems like anyone can be in the White House nowadays. Chucky makes his return for another season as he lusts for power. Returning cast members include Zackary Arthur, Bjorgvin Arnarson, Alyvia Alyn Lind, Jennifer

First Official Trailer for SYFYs The Ark Has Space Colonists Veered Off Course

Space colonizers traveling to a distant planet are technically in a giant coffin traveling at the speed of light. In Dean Devlin’s The Ark for SYFY, a group of young colonists is suddenly awakened by

SYFY’s Reginald the Vampire | Em Haine, Aren Buchholz and Marguerite Hanna Roundtable Interview

In every vampire story, there are vampires and their human prey. In the case of Reginald the Vampire, our hero Reginald is the prey of other vampires, and he’ll need all the help from his

SYFY’s Reginald the Vampire | Jacob Batalon Roundtable Interview

Jacob Batalon takes the leap from the popular web-slinging film franchise of Spider-Man to the novel blood-thirsty vampire adaptation for SYFY’s Reginald the Vampire. Based on the six novella book series of Fat Vampire by

Jennifer Cheon Garcia On Her Role As Ivory In Syfy’s Van Helsing [Exclusive Interview]

The classic character of Abraham Van Helsing has been around since the gothic horror novel Dracula. He is notably known as the archenemy of Count Dracula and a vampire hunter. It is interesting how these

Georgia Waters Talks Freeform’s Siren and Syfy’s Toys of Terror [Exclusive Interview]

Up-and-coming actress Georgia Waters is blessed with the transition from theater to the screen. The young actress made a mark as Eliza starting in season two of Siren, in which she plays a healer for

SYFY Sets The Pole and The Summoner Animations Release Date on March 17

One of the most successful drives on SYFY’s lineup is their original animated series. The channel announced two more animated originals The Pole and The Summoner set to premiere on Wednesday, March 17. The two

Douglas Goldstein and Amanda Miller Talk Animation for TZGZ’s Devil May Care [Exclusive Interview]

[caption id="attachment_176250" align="alignnone" width="563"] Douglas Goldstein created the animated series Devil May Care.[/caption] The Devil and hell got a makeover. In TZGZ’s Devil May Care for the Syfy Network, the short-form animation features a laugh-out-loud

SkittLeZ Ortiz on Syfy’s Wild Life [Exclusive Interview]

[caption id="attachment_164733" align="alignnone" width="800"] SkittLez Ortiz on Wild Life[/caption] A pandemic is one step away from being the apocalypse. As human civilizations collapse, no one imagines or wonder what the animals are doing. In Syfy’s