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Indiana Jones And Goonies Star Ke Huy Quan Would Reprise Iconic Roles If He Could

Indiana Jones and Goonies Star Ke Huy Quan would reprise his iconic roles if given the chance. Quan who was not working as an actor for many years very recently appeared in Everything Everywhere All

Disney+ Picks Up The Goonies Reenactment Series: Why?

Nothing’s sacred anymore. If you have a movie or TV show that is close to your heart, someone’s going to step on it and smear it’s guts all over the ground. Disney+ picked up The

Joe Pantoliano Talks About Enabling Trauma In Hide And Seek [Exclusive Interview]

Joe Pantoliano participates in the psychological thriller Hide And Seek. Starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers. https://youtu.be/tfl33EHdWAM The Synopsis  Jonathan Rhys Meyers stars in the intense psychological thriller filled with shocking twists and turns. After the death

Tabletop Game Review – The Goonies: Never Say Die

The Goonies: Never Say Die by Funko Games Price: ~$35.00 Players: 2 to 5 Playtime: ~50 minutes Perfect for: Groups and families who enjoy one vs. many games, with a light dungeon crawler/RPG mechanic (and

Funko Games Is Giving Us The Goonies: Never Say Die!

This summer, Funko Games will be releasing a board game that will be based on the classic movie, The Goonies. The game will be called The Goonies: Never Say Die and is a role-playing game.

Adam F. Goldberg Shows Off His Goonies 2 Concept Art And Teases His Meeting With Richard Donner

The Goonies is not only a classic, it's a fine representation of the magic that encompasses many film from the 1980s. For years fans have wondered why a sequel was never made. One fan, Adam

The Goonies: Goldbergs Creator Shares Concept Art For Pitched Sequel

Oh, The Goonies. How many of us wished as kids that we could go on an adventure like the one chronicled in that film? I can’t tell you how many times I wished I could

Steven Speilberg On Why A Goonies Sequel Never Happened

Most every kid who grew up in the 80s and watched The Goonies had dreams of finding an old treasure map and going on the adventure of a lifetime with their friends. Of course, that

Fox Orders Pilot For Goonies Reenactment Series

The Goonies, a classic film for so many people and as good an example as any for 80s cinema. After watching the film as a kid, I wanted nothing more than to find an old

Corey Feldman Says He And Sean Astin Pitched A Goonies Sequel

If you're like me, after the first time you watched The Goonies you hoped that hidden somewhere in your house was a treasure map that would lead you and your friends on a once in