Alden Ehrenreich is Top Candidate for ‘HAN SOLO’ Movie

Alden Ehrenreich may win the coveted Star Wars young scoundrel role. Deadline is reporting the HAIL, CAESAR!  actor is the front-runner for the new young HAN SOLO movie. Other actors who also performed screen tests

Watch the First Episode of ‘Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles’

It’s not the Justice League you’re familiar with. In an alternate universe, there is a much darker Justice League with Batman as a vampire, Zod as Superman’s father and Wonder Woman is the daughter of

PODCAST:LRM’s TV Review Podcast 2016 Fall Preview Episode 1

In the first episode of LRM's TV Podcast Mike Connally and Mark Cook discuss the shows that LRM will be covering this fall.  They will discuss the status of the shows and where they left