The Bob’s Burgers Movie | EXCLUSIVE Chats With Your Favorite Voice Actors And Creators At Wondercon 2022

Earlier this week 20th Century Pictures released the trailer for the upcoming animated feature The Bob's Burgers Movie. This film is based on the characters that many of us have enjoyed watching at home since

Long Slow Exhale | Tony Gonzalez And Brittney Elena On Their Father Daughter Relationship [Exclusive]

Long Slow Exhale is Spectrum Original's new drama that premiered this week. Here we find a University that has just won the women's basketball national title. Led by their coach J.C. Abernathy. But things quickly

Moon Knight Episode 2 Review- ‘Summon The Suit,’ Steven! | Marvel Multiverse Mayhem

Moon Knight Episode 2 Review- 'Summon The Suit,' Steven! | Marvel Multiverse Mayhem We now have the second episode of Disney+ and Marvel's Moon Knight! Why won't Steven just 'Summon The Suit' already, Dammit? Does Kyle

High Expectations | Ally Brooke and Taylor Gray Interview [Exclusive]

For Taylor Gray, High Expectations is an opportunity to show off his soccer skills and act alongside Kelsey Grammer. As for Ally Brooke, she gets to showcase her acting chops from her daily singing career

Andor Trailer Rumored For Star Wars Celebration | Barside Buzz

The folks at Bespin Bulletin are saying an Andor trailer rumored for Star Wars Celebration. Even without the outlets information I would certainly  have guessed this anticipated trailer would debut at Celebration. However you just

Star Wars Celebration Showcase Details Revealed

The Star Wars Celebration Showcase details have been revealed and many fans think there are hints at more than what is being promoted. The projects that will be 'discussed by guests' are unknown, but those