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Transformers Producer Dishes On Future Projects In The Franchise, No Future Optimus Prime Solo Film In Works

Longtime Transformers producer, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, gave several interviews recently and had some interesting things to say. He spoke with Japanese publications, The River and Cinema as well as Collider and made several revelations about

Transformers Film Franchise Officially Rebooted

The Transformers film franchise is an interesting study in what will make money. The first film was fine and played off of nostalgia despite the fact Megatron looked like a Predator had a baby with a

Bumblebee Sequel In Development At Paramount

It seems like it's been a long time coming that the Transformers franchise be given a bullet in the back of the head. While the first film was fun enough to watch, it really faced

Bumblebee Screenwriter Knows Where She Wants To Take The Sequel

The Transformers franchise is in a bit of an odd place right now. After six movies, it finally seems like Paramount has discovered how to make a film that resonates with audiences. Bumblebee delivered exactly

VIDEO – Bumblebee Finds A New Girl In Fifty Shades Mash-Up

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3x34MrLeTD4 Bumblebee is a huge success, and the most well received of all the Transformers films. And with success often times comes parody, so here's another mash-up of Fifty Shades of Grey, this time with

2018/2019 Winter Movie Preview: Aquaman, Glass, Lego Movie 2, And More! | Breaking Geek

Welcome to Breaking Geek, a column that just won’t go away, where uber-geek Nick Doll offers commentary, reactions, and theories regarding the most interesting news of the week (or whatever he feels like), using his expansive

Bumblebee Learns How To Prank In New Clip

https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=13&v=UuKQDQEBEE4 If you've been reading up on the reviews for the upcoming Transformers spin-off Bumblebee, you may be reading how much of a damn delight the movie looks to be. Many are comparing it to

Bumblebee Reignites Transformers Franchise

If there’s one franchise that’s proven that larger and louder doesn’t necessarily equal better, it would have to be the Transformers series of films. What started out as a story of a boy coming to

Bumblebee: Dylan O’Brien To Voice Titular Autobot

I'm not gonna lie. When we first reported about Bumblebee actually getting a voice in the upcoming Bumblebee standalone film, I didn't actually think that meant he'd be getting a voice. As in the other

Bumblebee Featurette Shows How Bumblebee Finds His Voice

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isrhglleO28 Of course, if you're a long-time watcher of the Transformers movies, we already know exactly how Bumblebee communicates with humans. He may not have a voice, but he can at least figure out a