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For Diego Luna Andor Is About Cassian’s Inspiring Journey To Rogue One

Andor is finally here on Disney+. Rouge One for some is arguably the best Star Wars film to come out post prequels. Unfortunately, those characters that we got to know in the film didn't make

Star Wars Cassian Andor Show Starts Shooting November 4th | LRM Barside Buzz

It is crazy to think that it has been four years since Star Wars: Rogue One came out in theaters and two years since Disney announced the Cassian Andor series would be coming to Disney+.

Star Wars Cassian Andor Show Getting A New Director | LRM Barside Buzz

This is becoming a Star Wars tradition, another director is being replaced. Deadline is reporting that Tony Gilroy is stepping down as director of the Cassian Andor Disney+ series.  Toby Haynes from Black Mirror is

Cassian Andor Showrunner Exits, Rogue One’s Tony Gilroy Rises To The Occasion

The Cassian Andor Star Wars series is bringing on a familiar showrunner. Tony Gilroy isn’t exactly a name you think of when you think of Star Wars. He’s a name often associated with thrillers such

Disney+ High Profile Star Wars And Marvel Series Have Newly-Revealed Release Windows

New Marvel and Star Wars release details are here! Understandably, Disney and Lucasfilm have kept things pretty close to the chest when it comes to their upcoming Disney+ shows. They have announced the development of

Star Wars Rumor: Is This Boring Cassian Andor Synopsis Legit?

Is this going to be the official Cassian Andor synopsis? That's the question we are asking following a recent rumored leaked synopsis for the Star Wars show. The problem with this Cassian Andor show may

Star Wars Cassian Andor Series Set To Shoot This June?

We have known for some time that the Star Wars Cassian Andor series was coming. However, most recently there were rumors of delays due to script issues. These were the same rumors that came up

Star Wars: Cassian Andor Production Update, Kathleen Kennedy Departure Imminent? | LRM Top Shelf Rumors

Welcome, welcome, folks to LRM Top Shelf Rumors, where we give you latest exclusive rumors courtesy of some of our top-secret sources. This week, we’re talking about Star Wars yet again. After all, what is

The Full Battinson Batsuit Looks SUPER Cool And Star Wars Needs Some Direction | Los Fanboys

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Who Should Play She-Hulk And What Surprises Are In Store For The Disney+ Series? | LRMornings

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