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Stormlight Archive: The Dawnshard Novella Is Actually A Novel Now

Whoops — Brandon Sanderson accidentally turned Dawnshard into a novel. Gotta love Brandon Sanderson. The dude is a compulsive writer. He exists and his books seem to just explode into the ether. Okay, obviously, that’s

Brandon Sanderson Has Finished Draft 2 Of Dawnshard Stormlight Novella, Looking For Beta Readers

Dawnshard draft 2 is done! If you are still playing catch-up on The Stormlight Archive before Rythm of War hits, you’re running out of time. Its November 17 release date is right around the corner,

Brandon Sanderson Wraps Dawnshard First Draft, Gives Release And Viewpoint Updates

Dawnshard is done, now here is the release update. Earlier this week, author Brandon Sanderson revealed he was approaching the climax of the novella Dawnshard. It was unclear to me if he planned on finishing

Brandon Sanderson Approaching Climax Of Dawnshard Novella

The climax of Dawnshard is nigh! Are you sitting in your seats, still eagerly awaiting the release of the fourth Stormlight Archive book, Rhythm of War? Well, don’t forget that that’s not all we have to

Brandon Sanderson Gives Update On Dawnshard Novella: ‘I’m Loving Writing This Stormlight Novella’

The Dawnshard novella has hit the three-quarter mark! Brandon Sanderson may have raised nearly $7 million for a leatherbound edition of a ten-year-old book, but the dude is still churning out new content on the daily.

Dawnshard Novella Prologue Is Coming Out Today — Here’s How You Can Read It

The Dawnshard prologue is nearing. Here's how you can get it. Have you been busy reading the new chapters for Rhythm of War? Unlike a lot of authors, Brandon Sanderson isn’t shy about sharing a lot

Brandon Sanderson 20% Through Dawnshard Novella, Story Could Feature Lopen As POV Character?

Dawnshard is well on its way to becoming a reality. Brandon Sanderson has only just finished the final draft of Rhythm of War, but he’s already neck-deep in his next project. The project in question

Stormlight Archive: Should You Read The Dawnshard Novella Before Rhythm Of War?

Will you have to read Dawnshard before Rhythm of War? The reading order of series can be some really tricky stuff. Ideally, authors write their works in chronological order. However, the imagination isn’t always so gracious. Oftentimes,

Brandon Sanderson New Stormlight Archive Novella Has A Title

Brandon Sanderson names the new Stormlight Archive novella...Dawnshard. Dawnshard follows the story of Rysn, the Thaylen merchant whom we've seen before in the interludes of the first three books of the Stormlight Archive series. Just