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Halo: Infinite Campaign Trailer Sets Expectations For Release

The biggest Halo game yet! That's the promise in the new Halo: Infinite campaign trailer which you can see below. Halo: Infinite's multiplayer has been available for over a week now and I have dabbled,

Halo: Infinite Campaign Overview Has Some Fans Worried About The Game

The Halo: Infinite campaign overview promo was released yesterday and so far it has been met with a mixed response from fans. The main source of any gripes seems to come from the way it

Halo: Infinite Will Get Cross-Progress Between Xbox And PC

While many gamers have a favorite platform to play on, we don’t play games on just one. My TV stand is crowded with many different consoles and we have PC and our mobile apps as

Halo: Infinite Will Be Supported Post-Launch Say Developers

Halo: Infinite will be supported after launch! It’s not unusual in video games these days, however developers 343i recently told fans not to worry about ongoing support. According to a new update video (see below)

Halo: Infinite Devs Quash Next Gen Only Rumor – But Is That a Mistake?

The last few days saw some rumors begin that Halo: Infinite would not appear on Xbox One. Now Halo: Infinite devs quash next gen only rumor in a recent tweet. This all began when some

Halo: Infinite Update From 343i

We have a small Halo: Infinite update from developers 343i. Halo: Infinite was supposed to be a launch title for the Xbox Series X. However, the Series X launched almost a week ago and as

Did The Halo Infinite Release Date Just Leak?

When will Halo Infinite release? Delays in the video game interesting are very normal. There are so many moving parts to any one game that scheduling the actual development of any game is near impossible. This

Halo Veteran Joe Staten Joins 343 Industries To Help Finish Halo: Infinite

As per the headline, today sees an announcement that Joe Staten joins 343 Industries to help finish Halo: Infinite. Joseph Staten was one of the key story creatives at Bungie who originally created the Halo

No, Halo Infinite Has Not Been Pushed To 2022, Nor From The Xbox One

Halo Infinite will still hit Xbox One. Us fans can be a skittish bunch. We hear about mammoth delays, and it’s hard not to imagine the sky falling. This goes double for big triple-A blockbuster video

Halo Infinite Gets Delayed To 2021 — Just How Bad Are Things At 343 Industries?

Halo Infinite won’t make its 2020 release date. This year has faced a lot of delays. Games like The Last of Us Part II and Cyberpunk were pushed in the wake of the of the