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Xbox Series X/S Their Fastest Selling Console And PS5 Moves Over 10 Million Units

Xbox's Xbox Series X/S is their fastest selling console to date. Plus, the PS5 moves over 10 Million units! read on for more details. Unsurprisingly the Xbox Series X/S has sold more than the original

Xbox Series X Backwards Compatibility Boost Announced

Microsoft has announced an Xbox Series X backwards compatibility boost for it's old games. On a case by case basis, the old games from previous generations of the console will get an FPS boost. FPS

xCloud Game Streaming Being Tested On Browsers By Microsoft

xCloud Game Streaming is ultimately getting to play Xbox Game Pass games without needing an Xbox. Currently the service works as an app that is downloaded onto Android Devices. Equally PC users can to access

Oscar Isaac Is Moon Knight & Are We Coming To An Early End Of Last-Gen Consoles | LRMornings

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Silly Console Wars And Stock Problems For Series X and PS5 | Free Talk Friday

Silly console wars and delivery fiascos - It's new console launch week folks. This week I had hoped to bring you some reactions to the new Xbox Series X console. I got my console delivered

Something From The Mandalorian Is Coming To Xbox Game Pass [UPDATED]

[UPDATE] Well, I was right, The Mandalorian is coming to Xbox Game Pass. As I suspected, in the form of a some free Disney+. Check out the official post below [embed]https://twitter.com/xboxgamepass/status/1325849610737209344?s=21[/embed] Original Story Below The

Check Out This Xbox Walkthrough Video!

The release of new consoles is almost like an extra Christmas. In a couple of weeks, give or take, the new vieo game console from Microsoft, the Xbox Series X (and S) will be available.

Microsoft Gives Details On Backwards Compatibility Feature For The Xbox Series X/S

We sit on the cusp of the next age of entertainment. A the dawn of a new age of gaming. The release of the Xbox Series X/S is just around the corner. With the release

Why Xbox Should Win Next Gen…and Probably Won’t

So there’s been lots of game news being thrown around. From teraflops to Ray-tracing to pre-order disasters. Oh, plus a little studio acquisition with Microsoft buying Zenimax. All this has re-ignited the internet’s favorite argument

Did The Halo Infinite Release Date Just Leak?

When will Halo Infinite release? Delays in the video game interesting are very normal. There are so many moving parts to any one game that scheduling the actual development of any game is near impossible. This