Before I Fall: Director Ry Russo-Young on the Inspirational Drama

For many years, filmmaker Ry Russo-Young was hustling on the indie circuit both as an actor and as a writer/director with her well-received second movie You Won’t Miss Me famously not being released until nearly

Motion Picture Themed QR Coded Billboard Display for ‘Chronicle’ During This Sunday’s NFL Game

Blink. And you'll miss this promotion. Twentieth Century Fox announced a history-making five-second QR billboard during this Sunday’s NFC wild card game broadcast. The branded QR code will provide some exclusive footage from the upcoming

Comic Book Review: ‘THE DISCIPLINE #1’

'THE DISCIPLINE #1' STORY BY Peter Milligan ART BY Leandro Fernandez COLORS BY Cris Peter LETTERS BY Simon Bowland COVER BY Leandro Fernandez, Cris Peter PUBLISHER Image Comics COVER PRICE $2.99 (USD) RELEASE DATE Mar

Watch Jake Gyllenhaal Take Apart His Life in This DEMOLITION Trailer

Jake Gyllenhaal is definitely an actor with an eye for interesting roles. More recently, he's done wonders with films like ENEMY, PRISONERS, NIGHTCRAWLER, and he even had a bit of a stand out performance in the

Chiwetel Ejiofor Talks Marvel’s ‘DOCTOR STRANGE’

While CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR seems to be turning out to be quite the Marvel entry indeed, one of the biggest wild cards of the year may very well be the next film in their series, DOCTOR