Moises Arias On Buddy Friendship in The King of Staten Island [Exclusive Interview]

[caption id="attachment_163340" align="alignnone" width="800"] Moises Arias in The King of Staten Island[/caption] Moises Arias understands friendship. And the friendship is on display in The King of Staten Island. Arias plays Igor, one of the friends

The Batman Director Matt Reeves On The Amount Of Work Went Into The Batsuit And Batmobile

Remember when George Clooney's nippled Batsuit was thought by many fans to be the worst Batsuit and would be forever?  And remember when Christian Bale's tumbler was thought to be the most badass Batmobile we

God of High School Episodes 6 and 7 Review

The God of High School Episode 6 and 7 review. Episodes 6 and 7 of The God of High School moved the plot along and demonstrated how crazy this series can get. The opening of

It’s Official: The Way Of Kings Prime Is Getting An Audiobook!

A few weeks back, we shared the exciting news that The Way of Kings Prime could be getting an audiobook. This announcement came from Brandon Sanderson himself through a livestream — but it would only

The New Mutants Not Only DIDN’T Have Reshoots, But They Didn’t Even Have PICKUPS!

The New Mutants had zero reshoots. When you have a film that’s been delayed as many times as The New Mutants, it’s bound to have rumors. And, man, did The New Mutants, have some crazy

Pandemic Knocks Out Director M.J. Bassett from Halo Television Series [Exclusive]

[caption id="attachment_163319" align="alignnone" width="800"] Halo[/caption] Can 2020 be over with already? The long-awaited live-action television series Halo for Showtime is still on schedule for release next year in 2021 (as far as we know). But,

Fan Cuts Together Avengers Like The Justice League Snyder Cut — But It Only Highlights Zack Snyder’s Strengths

The Avengers cut together like the Justice League Snyder Cut? Okay. One of my favorite pastimes out there is to look at films cut to other trailer styles of other movies. For example, seeing Captain America:

Did We See Martian Manhunter In The Justice League Snyder Cut Trailer?

Martian Manhunter in the Justice League? Yes, please.  Immediately following the release of Justice League, Zack Snyder was fairly quiet. However, in the years that followed, he grew louder and louder as he pushed for

Mad Max: Furiosa Eyeing Chris Hemsworth For Male Lead | LRM’s Barside Buzz

Could the next Mad Max film star Chris Hemsworth? Few people expected Mad Max: Fury Road to be as great as it was. Here was a movie that was delayed an unending amount of times. Even

Writers Wanted For LRM Online’s New Web Docuseries!

We are excited to the embarking on a new adventure here at LRM Online. In the months to come, we will be launching a new weekly web docuseries on our official YouTube channel. The series