Boxers Daniel Gonzalez and Giovanni Scuderi Talk American Fighter and Give Boxing Tutorial [Exclusive Interview]

In the true spirit of the sport and the release of American Fighter today, two professional boxers, Daniel Gonzalez and Giovanni Scuderi, took the time to promote the film and give our audiences a boxing

Cillian Murphy Always Believed Christian Bale Would Be Cast As Batman Over Himself

Though he had a screen test to play Batman before being cast as Scarecrow, Cillian Murphy never considered himself  a contender to wear the cowl. Before we move on, watch said screen test now, via

Legends Of Tomorrow Gets An Hour Long Christmas Special About Beebo

Legends of Tomorrow is the wackiest superhero TV show I watch. I started watching originally because I was already in love with Matt Ryan's version of Constantine, but damn it's an enjoyable show. It's a

J.J. Abrams Says Portal Movie Is Not A Lie, But We All Know The Cake Is

At the DICE Summit in 2013, Valve founder Gave Newell and director J.J. Abrams announced that they wanted to work together to make Portal and Half-Life films. That was 8 years ago. Yesterday, Abrams confirmed

Harry Potter Fans! You Can Now Get Hot Butterbeer Year-Round!

Universal Orlando Resort tweeted that they are serving hot butterbeer for us all year now. They used to sell it during the Holidays, but now, the magical drink can be enjoyed anytime you visit Universal’s

Stephanie Walter Williams and Keisha Katz Discusses Youth Film Mentoring with Reel Works [Exclusive Interview]

The future of television and film relies on the cultivation of talent of our youth. New York-based Reel Works celebrates its 20th anniversary ahead of its virtual gala this week. The organization is a youth

What If…? WILL Feature Spider-Man Allaying Fans Fears

Spidey fans fears were allayed yesterday when some news appeared about the upcoming What If...?. What If...? WILL feature Spider-Man! Many fans had feared that with Sony owning the rights to Spider-Man and both MCU

How Wanda SHOULD Bring Mutants And The X-Men To The MCU & Science Fiction Tech And UFOs | Daily COG

How Wanda SHOULD Bring Mutants (The X-Men) To The MCU & Science Fiction Tech And UFOs | Daily COG Listen And Subscribe On: Apple Podcasts |Spotify |SoundCloud | Stitcher | Google Play LRM‘s daily morning

Bob Chapek Defends Streaming Release For Black Widow And Shang-Chi

Black Widow and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings will get a hybrid release this year. Now Disney CEO, Bob Chapek defends streaming release for both tentpole movies. Of course as current CEO

Vault Of Glass Returns In Destiny 2 And Fans Are Loving It

Destiny's first ever Raid, the Vault of Glass returns in Destiny 2 this week. So far it has gone down well with fans. Saturday at reset time saw the first return of Vault of Glass