Nana Mensah On a Ghanaian Culture Story in New York with Queen of Glory | Tribeca 2021 [Exclusive Interview]

No children of immigrants should forget where they came from nor their culture. In this New York story, Queen of Glory follows a young woman who must suddenly arrange a Ghanaian funeral and ends up

Great White Trailer Has Sharks on the Hunt

Sharks remain to be dangerous lurkers and hunters of the sea. With their massive jaws, swift movements, and ferocious appetites, it is definitely safer to be on dry land. In the new trailer for Great

Hamilton Harris on Revisiting and the Aftermath with The Kids Documentary | Tribeca 2021 [Exclusive Interview]

In 1995, the narrative film Kids from Larry Clark shook that cinematic world about the life of teens as they travel around New York City skating, drinking, smoking, and deflowering virgins. The film launched the

First Look of Cardi B as Leysa in Upcoming F9

The Fast & Furious franchise has multiple cameos over the years. Consistently, Latin music superstars have a strong presence with characters, including Tego Calderon, Don Omar, and now with special participation from Ozuna and Cardi

Adrien Brody and Paul Solet on Redemption Film with Clean | Tribeca 2021 [Exclusive Interview]

Former assassins have a tough time readjusting back to normal lives. Despite their newfound start, trouble seems to follow them around. In Clean, a former hit man is thrust back to action after someone hurts

The Bad Batch Solves Another Star Wars Mystery

In this past episode of The Bad Batch on Disney+ we were reintroduced to a fan-favorite Captain Rex.  With Clone Force 99 trying to keep a low profile while working as mercenaries it was their interaction with

Skyler Davenport and Randall Okita on Blind Protagonist in Home Invasion Thriller for See For Me | Tribeca 2021 [Exclusive Interview]

There are hundreds of home invasion thrillers that always involve criminals or murderers breaking into homes with a person or families stuck inside fighting for their survival. A few like The Strangers and When a

Black Widow Will Release Early In The United Kingdom – But Only In Theatres

As per the announcement from Marvel Studios below, Black Widow will release early in the U.K.! However, at least the Disney+ release will not also be early, as that remains the 9th for everyone. Check

Jessica Barden and Nicole Riegel on Scrapping and Survival in the Drama Holler [Exclusive Interview]

During desperate times, everyone needs to scrape by in life with every penny. In the drama Holler, the film follows a young teenager (played by Jessica Barden), who resorted to scrapping metals and reselling for

E3 2021 Roundup: Mostly Boring But Microsoft “Xbox” Exclusive Starfield Looks Good & Sebastian Stan Meets The C.C. World | The Daily COG

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