Robert Rodriguez Tells Us About His Experience Directing the Billie Eilish Disney+ Concert Experience [Exclusive Interview]

There is a reason why the term “sophomore slump” exists. Sometimes that magic from your first record doesn’t quite add up. Not to mention the rising expectations and notoriety. That is not the case with

Clark Gregg On Agents Of SHIELD Being Canon: He’s Cool With It

Clark Gregg, who starred as our favorite SHIELD agent, Phil Coulson, supports Agents of SHIELD being canon in the MCU. Although, I’m not so sure. The series went deep into their seven seasons and it

The Comic Stash I Titles Worth Checking Out In September

Welcome back to the The Comic Stash! If you are new, this is where I go over some hot titles that are coming out this month.  There are numerous great titles out this month! These

What If…? Episode 4 Reaction (No Spoilers), The New Resident Evil Movie Has A Dumb Title, Manny’s Bday & Vamps | Daily COG

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What If Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead Of His Hands Review – Dark And Brilliant

What if Doctor Strange lost his heart instead of his hands? That is the question posed by this week's new episode of What If...? If you have been reading my reviews previously for this series,

Shang-Chi Sequel – Kevin Feige Has Ideas For The Future

Today we share some comments from Kevin Feige about where Shang-Chi could go next and whether there would be a Shang-Chi sequel? Feige recently spoke with and was asked "I'm always confident and nervous

Henry Cavill Rumored For The Flash Appearance | Barside Buzz

Henry Cavill rumored for The Flash appearance! There will be some fans very curious to see if Henry Cavill will don Superman's cape once more. Check out @AjepArts post below sharing a now deleted claim

Potential Details On Amazon’s LOTR Show | Barside Buzz

Today we share some potential details on Amazon's LOTR show. I wish the detail was the name of the show so we can stop calling it Lord of the Rings, as it is not. However

New Comic Wednesday September 1, 2021: The Comic Source Podcast

In this episode we discuss; New Comic Wednesday September 1, 2021 The Comic Source Podcast   Jace and Jay chat about a few of the books hitting comic shops the week of September 1st 2021.