Jeanne Tripplehorn And LaMonica Garrett Talk About The Terminal List [Exclusive Interview]

Jeanne Tripplehorn and LaMonica Garrett hold high ranking names in Prime Video’s new series The Terminal List. The Synopsis  Based on the best-selling novel by Jack Carr, The Terminal List follows James Reece (Chris

HBO Max’s Gordita Chronicles | Claudia Forestieri and Brigitte Muñoz-Liebowitz Interview

In one of the best Latin-themed television series, Gordita Chronicles on HBO Max is marked as one of the most talked about and funniest series. The series is centered on a young girl from the

Heroes Con 2022: The Economic Future Of The Comic Industry Looks Bright

Heroes Con 2022 wrapped up it's 40th anniversary this past weekend. It was absolutely a welcomed event seeing as there had been a two year hiatus. There is a lot that can be taken from

Gaming Subscription Services Are A Bad Idea & Star Wars Talk | Daily COG

Gaming Subscription Services Are A Bad Idea & Star Wars Talk | Daily COG Not much new news (heh.), but we can talk Star Wars and gaming any day of the week! We know you

Lena Heady, Goldblum, Dinklage Reportedly Cut From Love And Thunder

According to sources, of varying authority, Lena Heady, Jeff Goldblum and Peter Dinklage were all reportedly cut from Thor: Love and Thunder. Getting straight to it, here are the facts first. Variety reports that Heady

Ms. Marvel Episode 4 Review: There’s The Slump We Expected! | MMMayhem

Ms. Marvel Episode 4 Review: There's The Slump We Expected! | MMMayhem Nick and Kyle are back to give you a Ms. Marvel Episode 4 review and discussion. Titled "Seeing Red," we learn more about

James Gunn Hypes Iwuji’s Performance In Guardians 3

In a recent social media post, James Gunn hypes Chuk Iwuji's performance in Guardians 3. Whilst it's never been officially stated, we know that Iwuji, who first worked with Gunn on Peacemaker, is playing the

‘Protect Steve’ Banner Revealed Ahead Of Stranger Things 4 Part 2 Release Tomorrow

The internet is in panic mode today. A 'Protect Steve' banner was revealed by Netflix ahead of Stranger Things 4 Part 2 release tomorrow. Given that fans were already worried about Steve's fate, this has