Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Delayed? Respawn Looking For Senior VFX Artist

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has become the last hope for Star Wars fans to get a new video game within the next year.  With both Star Wars Eclipse and Star Wars Hunters being delayed, and Star

7 Inspirational Hollywood Movies For Students

With so many courses, assignments, peers, and nights out, you have lots to keep in check while at college. Many students take on part-time jobs, and this further complicates matters. The pressure to succeed, find

Beast Trailer | Universal’s New Thriller Looking To Wrap Up The Summer

We are a little over a week away from the release of Universal Studio's new thriller, Beast. The fight between man and beast has been part of storytelling for what seems like all of history.

Prey Is Hulu’s #1 Premiere To Date

Lots of praise going around for Prey from 20th Century Studios. The Predator prequel is being put on lists close to the original film above several of the other franchise films by fans. So it

America’s National Parks | Nat Geo’s Celebration Of America’s Treasured Landscapes

This summer, National Geographic premieres their new annual America's National Parks Week event. They will take audiences on an extraordinary journey in their five-part documentary series, America's National Parks. This series will venture across world-famous

Cobra Kai Shares New Season 5 Photos Reveals A Returning Character

We are a month away from the release of season five of Cobra Kai on Netflix. To further tease the highly anticipated next season of the series, Netflix has released five new images. As well

Classroom Of The Elite S2 Episode 6 Review: Horikita’s Rebirth | AVR

Classroom Of The Elite S2 Episode 6 Review: Horikita's Rebirth | AVR Be sure to check out our sponsor Grow Generation Join Kyle (Daily COG), Christine (No Mercy Podcast) and Brian (PulpMythos on YouTube) as

She-Hulk Run-Times For First 4 Episodes Revealed | Barside Buzz

She-Hulk run-times for first 4 episodes revealed? I’ll always mark this as a Barside Buzz because it’s not official information. However, it is extremely rare for these run-time reports to end up being incorrect. We

Ironheart Set Photos Show The Suit Plus Confirm Antagonist [SPOILERS]

With filming underway some Ironheart set photos have surfaced from Just Jared. These images show the Ironheart suit, plus confirm the antagonist for the show. It goes without saying that there are spoilers below folks.

Opinion: Batman Returns Deserves More Love

I was talking to a friend one day about the Batman franchise. He said that the love people have for a specific film is based on the age/time they saw it. Batman 89 is the