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Quibi Calling It Quits After Only Six Months

You would think that 2020 would be the year that all streaming services would thrive. This of course due to the fact that the majority of the country had been stuck at home. Not to

Quibi Senior Executives Take A Pay Cut — Are They In Trouble?

Quibi is one of this year's new streaming services. They are trying to stand out by offering shorter episodes (around 10 minutes) that they call "quick bites". It's supposed to cater to the younger demographic

Quibi Launch Underwhelms With 300,000 Downloads In First Day

Okay, so I think it’s worth putting everything into perspective right upfront. Quibi, while a cool idea, was never a service that was going to explode from day one. This isn’t Disney+ here. This is

Quibi Has Officially Launched — Is This The Next Big Thing?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5onWqeE3YNc Is Quibi the future of short-form content?  In spite of all the technological growth we’ve experienced over the past two decades, mainstream entertainment has been rather slow to adapt. Only recently have we seen

Quibi – Founders Of New Short-Form Video Platform Say Its Ready To Launch Despite State Of The World

Quibi, what funny word, am I right? Are any you readers out there familiar with this new short-form video platform? Founded by Meg Whitman and Jeffrey Katzenberg, the project has been in the works since

QuiBi Brings An Evil New Service And Kyle Shockingly Complains About The PS5 | LRMornigs

https://soundcloud.com/los-fanboys/quibi-brings-an-evil-new-service-and-kyle-shockingly-complains-about-the-ps5 Subscribe on: Apple Podcasts |  Spotify |  SoundCloud | Stitcher | Google Play Start your day geek with LRMornings. LRM‘s daily morning show with Kyle and Jammer (or Christine) (or Brian). Join them as they discuss all

Classic Story The Most Dangerous Game Gets Super Weird Quibi Treatment Starring Christoph Waltz

Apparently, you can’t really go wrong with a classic. I’m talking about the classic idea of man hunting man. The most dangerous game, so to speak. The story, I’m sure is a tale as old

The Fugitive Is Back On The Run In New Teaser Trailer For Quibi Series

https://youtu.be/nKPuomRV5C8 In a world filled with re-makes and re-boots we are going to talk about another one. This one though, I am surprised at first how long it has taken to redo and also the

Legends Of The Hidden Temple Coming To Quibi…Except Now, It’s For Adults

Oh, my lucky stars. This is pretty exciting. Like many ‘90s kids, I had dreams. I had dreams of being an astronaut, of being Indiana Jones, and of course, on participating in an episode of

Russo Bros. Executive Producing Doc On Marvel Vs. DC Rivalry

This world isn’t short on rivalries. We’re human, and whenever possible, we draw lines in the sand and go at each other for the stupidest of reasons. One such stupid reason is the DC vs.