Sing A Bit Of Harmony | Jordan Dash Cruz And Ian Sinclair On Rekindling Friendships

As we grow up friendships always change. Sometimes from immature decisions or just developing different personalities that are no longer compatible. Sometimes they just take time to come back. Other times you need a little

Tessa Thompson Talks Love In Thor: Love And Thunder

In a recent interview with The Wrap, actress Tessa Thompson talks love in Thor: Love and Thunder. Thompson was chatting about of of her recent and upcoming projects and of course talked turned to the


After some time when news of a Percy Jackson and the Olympians series was in early development, there was some uncertainty if the series would be picked up.  Today, Disney+ made the announcement that Percy Jackson and

Grown-ish | Yara Shahidi, Francia Raisa, and Emily Arlook On The Decisions That Have Led To Season 4 [Exclusive Interview]

Our favorite characters of grown-ish on Freefrom have now made it to Graduation in season 4 of the series! Through the first three seasons, we have seen them go through a wide variety of challenges

Passionate About All Things Geek? Join The LRM Team

LRM wants you to join the team. Are you having difficulty finding a community of like-minded geeks who share your passion for film, TV, comics, anime, and the like? It can be frustrating yelling into the

Pattinson Takes A Unique View On Batman’s Number One Rule

Batman has become the most intriguing superhero story of modern times.  With multiple movies, shows, and animation having their own unique take on the caped crusader there has always been one constant. Batman doesn't kill....

Sing A Bit Of Harmony | Megan Shipman Brina Palencia and Risa Mei Talk About This Timely Feature Anime [Exclusive Interview]

There are times that a film seems to drop at the right time. This is the case for Funimation's Sing A Bit Of Harmony. This is a feature anime film currently in theaters. Anime seems

Ebony Blade And Black Knight In Blade Movie Teases Eternals VFX Supervisor

Eternals VFX supervisor Stephane Ceretti teases we will see the Ebony Blade and Black Knight in Blade movie in a recent interview with ComicBook. The next appearance of Kit Harrington's Dane Whitman, aka Black Knight,

Chukwudi Iwuji Teases His Guardians 3 Character Is Powerful And Complex

Chukwudi Iwuji teases his Guardians 3 character is powerful and complex in a recent interview with THR. Iwuji chatted to the trade about a number of projects but of course talk turned to Guardians 3

Three New Star Wars Games From EA and Lucasfilm Games

When the announcement that Lucasfilm Games was being revived, it was safe to assume that EA would not be making any more Star Wars games in the future.  Even though there were assurances from EA that they