The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder | Alisa Reyes Interview [Exclusive]

Two decades ago, The Proud Family made its mark on the Disney Channel with its hilarious adventures of a teenage girl. With its relaunch, The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder, the new animated series tackle

The Last Victim | Official Trailer And Poster

Naveen A.Chathapuram makes his directorial debut in the new neo-western The Last Victim.  [caption id="attachment_192401" align="aligncenter" width="490"] Ron Perlman in The Last Victim[/caption] The Synopsis  The Last Victim follows a group of modern-day outlaws (led

Dermot Mulroney Shares His Excitement For Action Thrillers Like Secret Agent [Exclusive Interview]

After Dermot Mulroney's recent horror film he is back in action in Secret Agent. Alongside Mel Gibson and Jason Isaacs. The Synopsis  In this riveting spy thriller, no one is safe. Harris (Dermot Mulroney, “My

Rookie Season | LRM EXCLUSIVE CLIP Ahead Of TVOD/Digital Release

Back in February LRM Online brought you an exclusive interview with the filmmaker, Adrian Bonvento. He had made a documentary titled, Rookie Season which was ready to race into theaters. The film follows Rebel Rock

Bayle Domon Cast For Wheel Of Time Season 2 | Barside Buzz

This is not official, hence the Barside Buzz tag, but it seems Bayle Domon has been cast for Wheel of Time Season 2. If you are not familiar with the books, then all you need

Bel Powley, Liev Schreiber, and Joe Cole To Star In Disney+ Limited Series About Holocaust “A Small Light”

One of the most famous stories from World War II is Anne Frank and her family hiding in Nazi Germany.  Many adaptations have been made using Anne Frank's Diary to tell the remarkable story of

Check Out The Final Trailer For The Northman

The Northman, starring Alexander Skarsgård is an upcoming Viking epic by filmmaker Robert Eggers. Focus Feature just released the final trailer for the film. Initial reviews for the film have been very positive. The Viking epic

The Batman Blu-ray Details Revealed Plus Release Date And Special Features

WB have announced The Batman Blu-ray details including the release date and a list of special features that will appear on the disk. The Batman will arrive on HBO Max for subscribers on April 18th.

Multiverse Of Madness Has More Surprises Than IW, Endgame And NWH Combined | Barside Buzz

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has more surprises than IW, Endgame and NWH combined. That's a leak received by insider John Campea that they talked about on their recent YT show. You can

Star Wars Galactic Pals Official Trailer Released – Don’t Get Excited

Lucasfilm has released an official trailer for Star Wars Galactic Pals. SWGP is a previously unannounced animated show. However, before you get excited, hold your horses. As you will see below, this animated show is