Exclusive Clip from SurrealEstate Episode “Gods and Monsters”

One of the best supernatural series on SYFY is with SurrealEstate. As season two of the series is currently underway on SYFY, there are plenty of supernatural twists and the love of real estate. The

Arthur the King | Mikael Lindnord on the Real Life Story of Arthur the Dog and Journey

The dog named Arthur changed the life of adventure racer Mikael Lindnord in so many different ways through their journey together and their bond. The inspirational story will be adapted as a narrative film, Arthur

Madame Web Trailer Reaction: It’s Bad… & Marvel In Panic Mode? | D-COG

Madame Web Trailer Reaction: It's Bad... & Marvel In Panic Mode? | D-COG Today, Kyle reacts to the Madame Web trailer and discusses recent Marvel and MCU rumors. Welcome to The Daily Cup of Genre!

‘Merry Little Batman’ A Holiday Adventure Premiering On Prime Video

In a festive twist for superhero fans around the globe, Warner Bros. Animation is set to release Merry Little Batman on Prime Video, starting December 8. Directed by Mike Roth this animated holiday special promises

Vanessa Kirby Comments On Sue Storm Fantastic Four Rumors

In a recent interview actress Vanessa Kirby comments on the Sue Storm Fantastic Four rumors around her. In case this is new information, after several candidates, the latest Barside Buzz is that Kirby is signed

‘What If…?’ Season Two On Disney+ This Holiday Season

In a festive treat for Marvel fans, the second season of Marvel Studios’ animated series What If…? is set to hit Disney+ on December 22, promising a unique exploration of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow Gets A Writer And DC On Hunt For Director

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow gets a writer in Ana Nogueira and James Gunn confirms DC on the hunt for a director for the film. The initial story of Nogueira writing the movie was actually broken

Taika Waititi Out Of Thor 5 But Still Writing Star Wars Movie

In a series of recent press interviews director Taika Waititi explains why he's out of Thor 5 but confirms he's still writing his Star Wars movie. There's nothing sinister in the Thor 5 story folks.

College In The Movies: What Hollywood Gets Right And Wrong

As Janelle Sessoms says in NFM Magazine, college can be exciting because ‘There’s no more high school drama, no more waking up at 6 a.m. five days a week, and no more taking classes that

Madame Web Trailer – Please Stop Sony, It’s Already Dead

So we have the Madame Web trailer and after seeing it I implore you, please stop Sony, it's already dead. As in, Sony's Spider-Man Universe that is. After Oscar winning box office smash Morbius, we