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Star Wars: The Bad Batch Trailer | Clone Force 99 Is Back For New Adventures

Star Wars: The Bad Batch returns to Disney+ for a second season on January 4, 2023. Ahead of its release Lucasfilm Animation and Disney+ have released a new trailer and key art for the series.

Star Wars Bad Batch Potential Release Date? What About Kenobi Series?

It seems the cat is out of the bag of when the second season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch will be debuting on Disney+.  In the most recent issue of Star Wars Insider, there is a small promo

The Bad Batch Creators Answer Crosshair Question And Avoid Palpatine Cloning Theory

The Bad Batch creators break down various questions from Season 1. The Crosshair question and Palpatine Cloning theory are all covered here, so let's get to it. First off, was Crosshair's inhibitor chip removed like

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2 Announced By Disney

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2 announced by Disney officially today folks. Check it out. Today, Disney+ announced the second season of the critically acclaimed animated series “Star Wars: The Bad Batch,” which will launch in

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Voice Actress Gwendoline Yeo Talks About Her Character Nala Se [Exclusive Interview]

Order 66 or Clone Protocol 66 is one of the darkest moments that we have seen in Star Wars. The animated series Star Wars: The Bad Batch, gives us a different perspective on the effect

The Bad Batch Head Writer Breaks Down The Team Dynamics

Jennifer Corbett, The Bad Batch head writer recently had an interview with StarWars.com where she broke down the team dynamics of Clone Force 99. So here is how Corbett views each member of The Bad

The Bad Batch SPOILER Answers Canon Debate | Free Talk Friday

Welcome to Free Talk Friday. Like many of you I watched The Bad Batch SPOILER appearance today. Obviously some readers may not have watched this episode yet, so before I discuss, the obligatory SPOILER warning.

Will These Rogue One Characters Show Up In The Bad Batch?

As we head into the second half of the first season of The Bad Batch we are left with more questions than answers? Taking place right after Order 66 the common theme from every episode is that

The Bad Batch Finale Score Has Been Recorded By Composers

The Bad Batch Finale for Season 1 will be episode 16. Composers of the The Bad Batch, Kiner Music revealed on social media that they just scored the finale. Check it out. [embed]https://twitter.com/KinerMusic/status/1399834299411562496?s=20[/embed] So we

Emotional The Bad Batch Finale Teased By Composers

An emotional The Bad Batch finale has been teased by the composers for the show. As you'd expect there are no details, but Kiner Brothers Music sent out the following tweet about working on the