Doctor Strange 2 – Scott Derrickson Confirms His Support For Sam Raimi Coming Aboard As Director

A quick reminder. A Doctor Strange sequel titled Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will be coming our way sometime in the future. That title somehow frightens me in the most wondrous and delightful

Fantastic Four’s Josh Trank’s New Film Capone Gets A First Trailer

Over four years ago, Josh Trank was seemingly on the rise. He had directed the fan-favorite film Chronicle. In an era where found footage films were all played out, it somehow managed to feel unique

Marvel Studios’ What If…? Series Continuing Production Remotely

Is What If...? facing any delays in the midst of the pandemic? The COVID-19 pandemic has been wreaking havoc on productions worldwide for the better part of a month now. From what we’ve been seeing,

How The Retro-Inspired Sea Of Star Captures The Feeling Of ’90s RPGs (Exclusive Interview)

The gaming industry has changed over the past couple of decades. While there are plenty of studios out there vying for you dollars by pelting you with polygons and photorealistic graphics, there are some who

Could San Diego Comic-Con Be Canceled In 2021?

It’s pretty much a given at this point that most major conventions this year aren’t going to happen. Sure, some may be pushed to near the end of the year, but the big ones, like

Tabletop Game Review – Minecraft: Builders and Biomes

Minecraft: Builders and Biomes By Ravensburger Price: ~$35.00 Players: 2 to 4 Playtime: 30 to 60 minutes Perfect for: Families who enjoy playful strategic movement games and fans of the video game franchise. Minecraft: Builders

Cinemark Boss Anticipates Slow Return To Normalcy For Theater Chain

How are things looking for Cinemark? When can we expect theaters to re-open? Predictably, theaters have taken a quite a hit thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. As it was, the exhibition industry was on pretty

Dear Lucasfilm – Delay Or Cancel Star Wars ’22

Dear Lucasfilm, It's time to cancel Star Wars '22! There is a bit of a dark cloud hanging over the Star Wars franchise. Currently, the TV plans are strong, defined and seemingly ready to produce, but

Want A Standalone Hulk Movie? So Does Mark Ruffalo — But Is It Possible?

The Incredible Hulk has had a rocky history on the big screen. While it did have a memorable TV show back in the 1980s, big-screen success has eluded it. And then we got Mark Ruffalo’s

Here’s Kevin Smith’s Key To A Successful Career In Hollywood

Oh, Kevin Smith. He’s a filmmaker that many of us grew up with. He’s a big part of why many of us became movie nerds in the first place. And yet, in the past 15