James Gunn On Why King Shark Isn’t A Hammerhead

If the recently released trailer for The Suicide Squad taught us anything it's that James Gunn knows how to handle teams of superheroes. Having done wonders with the previously little-known (to the moviegoing masses) Guardians

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier E2 The Star-Spangled Man – Personal Pain Goes Public | Marvel Multiverse Mondays

  The Falcon And The Winter Soldier E2 The Star-Spangled Man - Personal Pain Goes Public | Marvel Multiverse Mondays When your personal pain goes public, it gets worse. PTSD, racism, secrets, and more collide

Falcon And The Winter Soldier Creator Says Joaquin Torres Has A Bigger Role To Play

Falcon and the Winter Soldier introduced us to Joaquin Torres (Danny Ramirez) in the very first action sequence of the series. He worked with Sam Wilson from the ground and brought the Flagsmashers to Wilson's

Thor: Love And Thunder Adds Russell Crowe To The Cast

Thor: Love and Thunder is currently in production, yet the cast keeps growing. The news comes from Deadline, following  star Chris Hemsworth, director Taika Waititi, and Jeff Goldblum being spotted in Russell Crowe's private box

Georgia Waters Talks Freeform’s Siren and Syfy’s Toys of Terror [Exclusive Interview]

Up-and-coming actress Georgia Waters is blessed with the transition from theater to the screen. The young actress made a mark as Eliza starting in season two of Siren, in which she plays a healer for

Being the Ricardos Starts Production on Aaron Sorkin Film About I Love Lucy Drama

On the television screen, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz may be the funniest couple that America fell in love with. However, when the cameras are off, their story tells a different side of things as

Get Your Putter Out EA Sports Is Bringing Golf Back Into Its Lineup

It looks like it is time to start working on your backswing!  Electronic Arts just announced that it's bringing back PGA Golf to its sports lineup.  If you grew up playing video games in the

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Toy Leak Shows First Good Look At [SPOILER]

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier toy leak gives us a look at what will probably be [REDACTED SPOILERS] Hold Up! Be warned that this post contains an image which many fans may consider a

Wrath of Man Trailer Has Jason Statham Searching for His Son’s Murderer

Being an armored truck security guard is probably one of the most dangerous jobs. At any moment, a violent robbery can occur while providing security to tons of cash in a truck. Basically, it is

Andor Set Photos – New Images From Star Wars Show Set

Today we share some new Andor set photos. The show is currently being filmed on a massive set in England and that shoot has been plagued by drones spying. You've likely already seen some images