Tracey Thomson and Charles Pratt Jr. on the Time Travel Mysteries of Disney Channel’s Secrets of Sulphur Springs [Exclusive Interview]

The mysteries of Tremont Hotel stretches beyond time in Secrets of Sulphur Springs. After the success of the first season, Disney Channel fans clamored for more with the time-traveling and ghost stories. Here is the

Transylvania: Transformania Cast Addresses Fun Final Movie W/O Adam Sandler

The whole crew is back for the fourth and final animated movie Transylvania: Transformania. Although Adam Sandler and Kevin James are not part of the voice cast, Dracula and Frankenstein return with new voiceovers as

Kimi Trailer Has Zoe Kravitz On The Run After Witnessing A Murder on Home Device

Can’t really trust those home devices anyways. With more households adopting home devices, it’s a wonder how much these devices are listening and recording our every move and conversation. In Kimi, this chase thriller reaffirms

I, Challenger | Tina Majorino On Seeing A Person’s Potential [Exclusive Interview]

I, Challenger from Strike Back Studios is now available on all TVOD/Digital Platforms. This stoner buddy comedy is one that audiences can enjoy whether you like to smoke (or however you ingest it). What makes

Bob’s Burgers The Movie & Jackass Forever Trailer Reaction, James Gunn’s Next DC Project Confirmed For TV | Daily COG

Bob's Burgers The Movie & Jackass Forever Trailer Reaction, James Gunn’s Next DC Project Confirmed For TV | Daily COG Listen And Subscribe On: Apple Podcasts |Spotify |SoundCloud | Stitcher | Google Play In today's episode,

Scream Final Trailer | Will The New Generation Survive?

This week is the release of the horror/slasher film Scream. In 1996 Wes Craven delivered a feature film that became an instant horror classic. The killer Ghostface is just as recognizable as any other horror

Production Of Shadow And Bone Season 2 Has Started!

Adapted from the Grishaverse book series and named after the first book, Shadow and Bone has been a huge success. The show did a wonderful balancing act of the different parts and characters of the story

The Bob’s Burgers Movie | New Trailer Showcases Tasty Summer Burger Fun

Bob's Burgers is easily one of my favorite animated series of all time. For twelve seasons now which include over two-hundred episodes, the Blecher family has delivered many hilarious adventures. All while facing the everyday

Simu Liu Talks Shang-Chi 2 And What He’s Curious To Know More About

In a recent interview with Complex actor Simu Liu talks Shang-Chi 2 and what he's curious to know more about himself. Liu says he genuinely has no idea where the already in development Shang-Chi 2

James Gunn Confirms DC TV Series After Guardians 3

Where will James Gunn go after he makes Guardians 3 and the Holiday Special? Now we know the answer as James Gunn confirms DC TV series after Guardians 3 in a recent interview with Collider. To