Star Trek: Discovery S5 | Alex Kurtzman and Michelle Paradise on Ending Strong for Final Season

It is close to nearing the end of the U.S.S. Discovery. The crew under Captain Michael Burnham is on its final voyage as the universe again hangs in the balance in season five of Star

Has Thunderbolts Title Changed To Thunderbolts*? This Is Weird

So, this is a bit weird, but there's a lot of buzz around that Thunderbolts new title is... Thunderbolts*! I know, why would they add an asterisk to a title, what could that mean? However

7 Popular Themes for Online Games

Like most industries, the gaming industry didn’t escape the transformation caused by tech disruption over the years. It has seen a revolution of themed online games, which instigated a reinvention of old-school games to birth

Fantastic Four Set In Alt Universe – Avengers 5 Begins Filming Next Year | Barside Buzz

The latest Marvel Barside Buzz says Fantastic Four is set in an alt Universe, plus Avengers 5 begins filming next year. The information comes from Daniel RPK on Patreon. First off that Fantastic Four is

Prime Video Unveils Official Trailer for Horror Anthology Series “Them: The Scare”

Prime Video has sent shivers down the spines of horror enthusiasts today with the release of the official trailer for its upcoming horror anthology series, "Them: The Scare." This second installment promises a spine-chilling ride,

Wheel Of Time Season 3 Wraps, New Casting News And Episode Titles

Some Wheel of Time news dropped this week, Season 3 wraps filming, there's new casting details and we also have Season 3 episode titles. First off though was the news from the official social media

Spawn #70 – The Complete Spawn Chronology – The Daily Spawn: The Comic Source

In this episode we discuss; Spawn #70 The Complete Spawn Chronology The Daily Spawn: The Comic Source Check out the Episode on YouTube The Complete Spawn Chronology is a daily look at the epic story