Josh Gad Hopes To Not Pull A ‘Mark Ruffalo’ With Frozen Spoilers

Actor Mark Ruffalo catches a lot of guff over his inability to keep secrets, movie secrets that are known to fans as spoilers. While doing promotional interviews for last year's Avengers: Infinity War, Ruffalo did

Kevin Smith Talks About His Upcoming Howard The Duck Animated Series

Over the past few months we heard rumors here and there about a Marvel project that Kevin smith was working on. Nerds all over the internet threw out their best guesses with the hope Smith

Detective Pikachu Grills Mr. Mime In New TV Spot The marketing for the upcoming Pokémon: Detective Pikachu has continued to impress me quite a bit. While the monsters themselves look pretty rough in terms of their overall CG look (they look kinda rushed,

Will Smith’s Genie Sucks, Rian Johnson Is Not Leaving Star Wars, And MCU Phase 4 Speculation | Los Fanboys In the latest edition of Los Fanboys, Jammer, Kyle, and Brandon Jones cover this past week in film and TV news. QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Do you think the Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy

Your Name Anime Adaptation Gets 500 Days Of Summer Director Marc Webb And Interesting Synopsis

The world of anime is interesting and varied. A few of us here at LRM Online are quite the enthusiasts of the medium and we know there is no shortage of great material to prove

TRAILER: Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Pedro Pascal Try To Steal From A Drug Cartel In New Netflix Film Triple Frontier If you thought Poe Dameron was out of control in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, wait 'til you get a load of what he's up to in Triple Frontier. This new Netflix film Triple

Netflix Getting Animated Transformers Series From Rooster Teeth

Last year saw a bit of an overhaul of the Transformers film franchise with the release of Bumblebee. Rather than focus almost solely on metal-grinding, balls-to-the-wall action, they opted to finally make a distinctly more

Loki Disney+ Series Gets Rick And Morty Writer As Creator, EP, And Writer

While 2019 may very well be considered the year streaming services went just a tad bit too far, one company that seems to be heading in the right direction is Disney. Rather than just rely

Amazon Prime’s Lord Of The Rings Series Confirmed To Be Five Seasons

Middle-earth is headed to the small screen very soon. Despite the fact that we had a pretty amazing trilogy of films based on the novels, we'll soon be getting an original series that taps into

Star Wars: Episode IX Has Wrapped Filming

Later this year will see the end of the sequel trilogy of films for Star Wars. It's been a rocky road, full of anger, hate, and suffering, but for better or worse, it will all